Sony In Trouble - PS3 Sales Dip Below 10,000 In Japan For The 1st Time

The latest weekly hardware figures have been released from Japan, and it's not looking too clever for Sony's next-gen contender, the PS3, as the console sold less than 10,000 units (8,872) in the country for the first time since its launch. The DS(181,620) and the Wii(66,657) saw positive sales, whilst the 360(2,293) caused just a mere blip on the Japanese stat sheets.

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DADO4205d ago

no AAA games no console sales.

PhinneousD4205d ago

the extra development time for the difficult to program cell is prolonging game releases and therefor hurting sales. seems like MS has a smarter console strategy when building the 360. faster dev time with the same output that of the ps3. smart move for gaming industry and it shows with sales.

gta_cb4205d ago

i agree. also is your avator an Xbox 1 game? i swear i nearly brought it for my bro

reaperxciv4205d ago

when sony releases games that interest me

BubblesDAVERAGE4205d ago

No games no sales...We will see when sigma comes out because japan hasnt had and ps3 AAA titles since......motostorm..i guess....Maybe muso...if sales are the same when sigma comes out then they have problems...

Close_Second4205d ago no AAA title. Just look at the combined reviews from all the leading gaming sites - it averages in the low 80s where a AAA should average in the 90's.

However, what I will say about Mortorstorm is that for a first generation game on the PS3 it looks incredible. May not be the deepest of game experiences but it certainly packs in some great fun. In all honesty if the PS3 had been $400 (NZ) cheaper I would have purchased one to play Motorstorm. However, the PS3 in NZ is still a whopping $1,200 with no extras and that is more than I'm willing to part with. I wouldn't care if Sony purchased Bungie and made Halo 3 a PS3 exclusive, I still would not $1,200 on something to play games on.

PSN Starfleets4205d ago

It was coming.

I'm afraid you all owe Mart an apology. Lol.

The General4205d ago

Gamers, Drop Down and give me a flamewar.

On my count, Begin!

gta_cb4205d ago

ummm you forgot to count

3.... 2... go! =P