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Gamervision: Demon's Souls Review

Gamervision's Coop says: "There was a massive amount of potential in Demon's Souls, but it's an experience that most people will not appreciate. It's simply uninviting, and made for such a small niche that it's impossible to know whether or not it's an experience you might enjoy without giving it a try. Comparisons to the King's Field series have been made by a few, with some going as far as to say that Demon's Souls is a spiritual successor to the series. Those comparisons aren't unfounded; both focus on immersion and realism, both have punishing difficulty and a harsh learning curve, and both are ruthless, and don't take kindly to casual gamers by any means.

Games like this are like the Finnegans Wake of gaming, so overly convoluted and wrapped up in their own complexity that they miss out on grabbing anyone who isn't already completely enamored of it before beginning. Sadly, this target audience is remarkably small, and there's no doubt that many of the people highly anticipating Demon's Souls will be more than a little disappointed once they start the game and see what they've gotten themselves into. " (Demon Souls, Demon's Soul, Demon's Souls, PS3) 6/10

FlipMode  +   2136d ago
"Games like this are like the Finnegans Wake of gaming, so overly convoluted and wrapped up in their own complexity that they miss out on grabbing anyone who isn't already completely enamored of it before beginning"

Looks like this guy thought it was too hard.
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Marceles  +   2136d ago
Him and the Gamespot guy must be buddies
CrazzyMan  +   2136d ago
One word
Delta  +   2136d ago
LOL it's not a causal game. 6/10 (it's too hard for me). thats why it got a six? Lame.
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FiftyFourPointTwo  +   2136d ago
Let me guess the reason for the low score:
Insane difficulty
EDIT: I knew it.
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Turn 10 Studios  +   2136d ago
good Score
sigfredod  +   2136d ago
your xbox should be a really boring console with lame games since you spend all this time bashing on the ps3, why don't you go back to your forza 3 demo or odst or something?
now in topic i don't understand how this site can give a low score based on the difficulty of a game? they should focus on the gameplay, graphics , sound, presentation etc ? and leave the difficulty just as warning for the readers? crappy site!
nycredude  +   2136d ago
Turn 10 studio is a big loser/hater on N4g. With his comment history all you have to do is wait him out. Eventually he will lose all bubbles and you won't have to deal with him, or you can just ignore him.

On topic though this reviewer spent almost the entire review complaining about the difficulty. Can this even be considered a review? It's more like biatching and moaning to me.
cmrbe  +   2136d ago
If you suck at playing hardcore games
then don't review it. This guy should play Viva instead.
PirateThom  +   2136d ago
Hahahaha, here comes the troll reviews. No hits for this one.
raztad  +   2136d ago
Agree. Trolling a game with crappy reviews just for cheap hits is criminal.
Darkfiber  +   2136d ago
Hahaha idiot. This game is great. I hate when people score a game low because it's too hard for them. It's not the game's fault you suck.
Towers76  +   2136d ago
Note to the author:

All the fancy phrasing in the world will not make you a better gamer. Just practice more. Yes I know the game is unforgiving and difficult but if you buck up and put forth a bit of effort you may experience some success. After all, console gaming can be about more than just twitch shooters and turn-based rpgs. There's plenty of room out there for offbeat games like Demon's Soul.
nycredude  +   2136d ago
Judging from this review the author would probably have trouble with Killzone 2 and any Persona game also. Maybe he should stick to Wii Sports or something, unless it's too hard for him also.
Towers76  +   2136d ago

You're probably right. I keep forgetting that the Wii's success has brought in a whole new "casual" audience into the gaming fold. In which case Demon's Soul definitely not a game for them. No doubt the fella who wrote this review probably falls into that group.
scheme_a  +   2136d ago
It's kind of expected
Demon's Souls is a perfect example of love it or hate it type of game.
Those who love it will defend it to death, but inevitably there will be people like that reviewer who just don't "click" with the game.

But I think even casual people should at least give it a rent.
It's hard but all you need is patience and smart thinking.
Tidus11  +   2136d ago
I was about to say first negative review i've seen so far, but unlike him i don't consider being insanely difficult and not appealing to casual gamers as reasons to give it a low score.
Ethereal21  +   2136d ago
Totally agree, only "low score" that I have seen. We all know it's hard and it wont click with some people but a six come on..regardless this is a rare gem and I will be picking it up day one.
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DonCorneo  +   2136d ago
this is a joke
if you have punishing difficulty for a barbie horse adventure game than it's just right to deduct point for that.

but this is demon's souls. it's meant to be hard. if it's a good game for its target audience, then why give it a bad score?
El Botto  +   2136d ago
Lmao a joke of a review.
If xbots hate PS3 games so much, than why do they keep playing PS3 games on PS3?

Answer: cos they dont have any games to play on the betabox.
NoOoB101  +   2136d ago
This guy needs to learn how to review a game. he complains its too hard, then get better. If you die then learn from what you did wrong, not complain and cry like a little girl. Even Edge gave it a 9 out of 10. This review is stupid. Go play wii sports or is that too hard for you too? haha
Ichiryoka  +   2136d ago
Who is this schmuk?

No name wanna be reviewing non gaming, mothasucka.
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NiteX  +   2127d ago
I wonder if gamervision even realizes how stupid that makes their site look? People will look at all the high scores, like 9s and even some 10s and then see a 6. Just like I did everyone automatically thinks WTF? Then you realize its some joke of a site no one knows about let alone cares about. I think metacritic really should remove the rating seeing how its not a true review since he never actually played through the whole game. It's incredibly unfair that this loser site made the overall score sink to 89. Such a shame.
baraka007  +   2125d ago
unfair review IMO
After seeing 21 other great reviews it's really hard to take this one serious... RPG fans have been waiting for a really hard online rpg to come around and this seems to be it. If it's not your thing that's fine but it doesn't mean the game should get a 6.

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