Sony plans to ship 11m PS3s

Sony said on Wednesday that it aims to ship 11m PlayStation 3s worldwide this year, ramping up competition against its rivals after missing its recent targets.

Sony shipped 5.5m PS3 consoles in the year to March, below its target for 6m due to production problems with its high-definition DVD player that gave rivals Nintendo and Microsoft an early lead in the console war.

Sony said it expects losses in its game division to narrow this year after swallowing the huge start-up costs of the console.

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rusgreim3840d ago

... I plan to win the lottery and retire in the tropics.

Pure fantasy, on both counts.

tihstae3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

You are a retarded xbot who lurks in the PS3 news section.

Do you really think that the plan for them to ship 11 million consoles worldwide is fantasy? It's a shame that there are so many losers in here that just glance at an article and then spew fanboy rhetoric. On any side I might add..

rusgreim3840d ago

... I commented on this while it was in pending news. I could give 2 craps about your PS3 section.

As for the likelyhood it will deliver 11M units: you may be right, after all, when you ship way more untis than you sell, they may get away with SHIPPING 11m units. Sales, on the other hand, more like 6M

tihstae3840d ago

..then why do you lurk and post so often in PS3 news?? I mean seriously. But anyway on your 6million sold this year, I cant say I would disagree with that. Maybe 8 million.

carlman233840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I'm an Xbox 360 owner, but I'm still interested in the PS3. There's no reason why an 'Xbot' can't comment on what he/she feels is correct/incorrect about a story. I hate fanboyism, but I wouldn't call you a fanboy if you think (using all available evidence) that PS3 ain't gonna sell 11 million units in this year.

tihstae3840d ago

You just don't get it. It is totally valid to voice an opinion but when you come in and comment on stuff like this with meaningless bullsh!t that in no way adds to the discussion, you waste everyones time that has to read it. That includes posts exactly like mine...

ammojoe3840d ago

Dude, you make a good point but your wasting your time. You have to weed through dumbass comments like this everywhere on here.

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JIN KAZAMA3840d ago

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omansteveo3840d ago

I bet MS,Sony and Nintendo prolly at some point plan to ship 20 mil, then 30 then 40 then 50...OMG! MADNESS!!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3840d ago

11 mill, good start. Once the AAA's start ta rollin, X double- triple that amount.

Robotz Rule3840d ago

You guys are killing me!

Good stuff,good stuff!

It is very possible for Sony to ship that much PS3's in one year.

And I predict thousands of those PS3's being sold due to great games coming out this year for the PS3:)

The Panther3840d ago


I predict that the ps3 will sell thousands too!

Xi3840d ago

you get a bubble for that

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