Does Zelda need an overhaul?

Zelda games are amazing. There's no doubt about that. But even Miyamoto is willing to admit that the appeal of Link's epic quests is waning, especially in Japan.

Miyamoto suggested many reasons why Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess isn't doing as well as expected in Japan. But could it be that the 20-year-old series, that now spans 14 games (Phantom Hourglass will be the 15th quest on Nintendo platforms) is dying a slow death?

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ITR4232d ago

Well isn't a overhaul coming in the new Zelda game being currently developed?

Odion4232d ago

I've been saying this for years, Nitendo just rehashes the same games over and over, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

ItsDubC4232d ago

When I think of a Mario game, I think of a platform adventure game. There's a difference between this, and a game that merely has Mario in it. Mario 64, Mario Kart, Mario RPG, Mario Strikers, Mario Party, and Mario Paint are all completely different types of games.

So is Nintendo rehashing games or characters?

snoop_dizzle4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

they have been rehashing games.

Look at the Mario party games.

Its almost like the mega man games(I am not sure if that is a Nintendo franchise)

But as long as the Mario and Zelda games are fun, I'll play them.

ItsDubC4232d ago

I totally agree with regards to the Mario Party series, as the 8th one is about to be released for the Wii. Megaman is one of the longest running franchises in videogame history but is a Capcom phenomena.

But while there have been numerous Mario platform games, there have also been some fairly recent game innovations using the Mario brand. Mario Strikers is a fairly new franchise, Mario Hoops on the DS is new, and the upcoming Mario/Sonic Olympic game is brand new.

It's easy to blame Nintendo for rehashing games simply because there are familiar characters in these games despite gameplay differences. But think about the Final Fantasy series. More ppl will be inclined to point out Nintendo's rehashing over SquareEnix's because there are so many games w/ Mario in them, even though most Final Fantasy games follow the same basic gameplay formula. To my knowledge, there are only a few game franchises w/ Mario in them that have the number of games that are in the Final Fantasy series.

snoop_dizzle4232d ago

i do see what you're saying.

Don't get me wrong, i like Nintendo, i like Mario, Zelda and the like ,and if the game is good, I'll want to play it, but whenever I've been around Nintendo fans in real life, they always bring up innovation when in some ways, they suffer from repetition, which is the very thing many Nintendo fans(at least the ones i know) say is wrong with other companies.

ItsDubC4232d ago

You may misinterpret me as being a one-sided Nintendo fan simply because I focused on the innovation in Nintendo's games in this discussion, but I don't think anyone can deny that there is repetition to be found there as well. If there wasn't, there wouldn't be so many ppl who focus solely on that very repetition as a reason to dislike Nintendo, and choose to ignore the innovation altogether.

I too will play a game as long as it is fun. With that being said, just because a particular game is "just another Mario" or "just another Halo" isn't enough to convince me that that game is good or bad. Innovation and repetition can be both a good and bad thing, so I'll reserve judgment until I actually play it.

snoop_dizzle4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

i never meant that you were one, i was just referring to people i know.

I am sorry i might of misled you when made it sound like i was aiming at Nintendo fans in general.

My basic point is that, many things might not be innovative, but they don't have to be. AS LONG AS its improved upon somehow, and some games have not done that, some what evident in Mario party. I just look at some people weird when they say certain things are revolutionary or innovative when thats all they focus on. I know a few people who are like that. You aren't like that, at least not as bad as a few of my friends.

I play games that could be considered repetitious,

But it seems to me that say for example the concept of the Wii, i have seen similar things in the arcade years before, such as pointing and shooting(though the controllers/guns were wired), those 20 dollar plug n play games like the bowling or baseball ones etc.

But the good thing about the Wii is they improved upon those ideas.

I am not really directing this at you btw, but it seems to me that when someone says something isn't innovative, it somehow isn't good, and i think thats wrong. As long as its improved upon from the last game, or console if you will, its okay with me.

And no, i don't base a game on innovation at all, just if its fun at all. Innovation can just be an added perk, if it even is to begin with.

I guess the real question is, can Nintendo improve upon their games?

ItsDubC4232d ago

We pretty much see eye-to-eye then, I take it? I agree that something (not just games) doesn't have to be innovative to be good. If that were true, there would be no sequels in movies, books, games, etc.

But you bring up a good point about things being improved upon somehow. What I respect about true innovation is that it's a huge risk in terms of improvement. There is no guarantee that a new idea or concept actually improves the experience over what's been done in the past. So I respect innovation but don't see it as a necessity.

When someone says something isn't good because it doesn't innovate, I feel like that person is limiting him/herself. A person who writes off a new Mario game just because it's another Mario game is doing him/herself a disservice. Same goes for those who write off Halo 3 as just another Halo.

snoop_dizzle4232d ago

I think we basically do see eye to eye ItsDubC

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snoop_dizzle4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I like Zelda, ocarina of time is one of my favorite games of all time, but i really hope that they do something big with the next one.

Twilight Princess was good, but it just didn't really get me going.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4232d ago

needs overhauling not just Zelda! SOS :)

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