PS3 Swap Switch Tutorial to boot PS2 Backups

Read how to boot Playstation 2 backups with your BLu-ray Playstation 3 drive. Maybe you can get that too old games to run again.


OK, I wanted a fairly easy way to play my PS2 backups on my PS3. I have read that you can do it by taking apart your PS3 and cutting a hole in the top and yadayada. Leaving the top off of my PS3 to play PS2 backups didn't sound attractive to me. So i searched around and found a forum for PS2 talking
about a tray switch for the fat PS2's back in the day. So i
did some brainstorming and figured it might work. I went to
Radio shack and purchased a 3 way toggle switch for $5. I
highly recommend 3 way. At radio shack it was called a middle off switch. That way your drive motor is not constantly running.
I came home and soldered the wires to the switch.

A note before we start. This is a fairly easy process, the most trouble i had was trying to figure out where to put the switch. there is no room to work with. I ended up taking out my card reader on my PS3 because i never use it and just mounted the switch there. You could possibly let it hang out. It's up to you. Just remember that if you plan to retain original functionality as far as the drive sensor and automatic load/unload motor, you will need 2 additional small on/off switches.

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Creepa at GameManx4230d ago

ppl still can't play some of there ps2 games?

MikeJonesOK4230d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I like to keep my warranty. The PS3 is too expensive to be opening. For me anyway. My PS2 works flawlessly still. Unless the PS3 increases the PS1/PS2 graphics with Cell dramatically, MEH!

richie007bond4229d ago

Why bother,its just to much hassle just to play old ps2 games!!!!besides i like my ps3 to much to start messing about out with it,anyways why would i want stray wire hanging about all over the place,the ps3 is a nice looking bit of kit why spoil it...

tehcellownu4229d ago

well i bought mines close to launch and i can play almost every single ps2 games i need to do this..and i got a warranty for my you bet im goin to be usin it.

snoop_dizzle4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

hmm, well for one i sold my PS2(i loved it dearly though), and its games, cause i needed money, so really this wouldn't help me out.

and two, well i want my warranty to be valid, i wouldn't mod my 360, and i wouldn't want to mod my PS3.