It's a Wonderful World Hands-on

Language barrier be damned, IGN's Craig Harris made his way to the It's a Wonderful World demo kiosks at the Square Enix Party this weekend, and he's glad he did. This Nintendo DS action game's pretty kick-ass even in its still-in-development form.

The strict Japanese text made it difficult to understand the whole story and concept, but the visual style and gameplay speak volumes for the product and made it very accessible for those not willing or able to read through the manga-like character cutscenes and dialogue windows. That's because the game's heavily focused on stylus-swiping action through the city streets of Shibuya (or a very close likeness of it).

It's a Wonderful World is still heavily in development, but he's really looking forward to the final build. It's not the usual Square Enix offering.

More information and a batch of new screenshots available.

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PS360WII4230d ago

I've been waiting for more news on this title. It seems pretty cool with the heavy stlylist moves and the art style is cool too. SE doing a non-rpg is cool too. Rather upsetting to hear it's still heavy in development though. I want this game sooner rather than later :(