Your First Look At White Knight Chronicles 2

Thanks to shakycam footage, you can watch the first trailer of White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness.

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Kain813167d ago

i cant wait for the first one, but the new one looks AMAZING

solideagle13167d ago

that dragon and that turtle thing in the end was epic..


WinterWolf3167d ago

Well, this trailer certainly makes more sense in Japan because the first game has already been released there. However, the first game has yet to be released over here...

ultimolu3167d ago

Damn, that trailer gave me shivers, just like the first one. I hope the first one comes here soon.

ThatCanadianGuy3167d ago

Same here! I got goosebumps watching that

Looks like it got a nice graphics overhaul too.
The characters in the first WKC weren't the best looking.They had a real low polygon count, but, this looks incredible.

Wonder how long we'll have to wait for this one -.-

Simon_Brezhnev3167d ago

Japan devs are on a roll now realising yakuza 4 and white night chronicles 2 surprised its so quick. Square need to take note

callahan093167d ago

Awesome trailer! I loved the first one, and this one looks to have even more impressive scenarios. Definitely excited for it. Hopefully it doesn't take as long to localize as the first one. I played the first one through when it came out in Japan, but it was NOT EASY. Definitely the hardest language barrier of any game I've ever imported. By comparison, I also got Yakuza 3 when that came out, and it too is in full Japanese, but the language barrier was MUCH less intrusive. I stopped playing WKC after about 60 hours gameplay, not because I was no longer having fun, but because I got Demon's Souls and became addicted to it, and then when I tried to get back into WKC, the language barrier was just too difficult to overcome a SECOND time, so I decided to shelve it and I'll wait for the English localization and then start over (which I'll be more than happy to do, because the game is amazing).

GrandTheftZamboni3167d ago


Seriously that video is amazing!

himdeel3166d ago

...have the first one and I want the second one more than the first. I need to calm down and wait for gameplay :) Nevertheless, it's definetley a darker tone to the story and a different approach to the cut-scenes in terms of the look.

I just wonder how gameplay is going to look. Will it too be darker and less bright/cartoony? Either it'd be nice if part one and two released in the same year in NA. Maybe even a special edition 2 disc option upon release of the second game with both parts packed in.

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Lucreto3167d ago

I want WKC now

Come to think of it didn't 1up podcast say GT would be out this year?

I hope they change their minds and release this instead.

3sq3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

It seems like the graphic has been upgraded.

Aquarius3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

...that was CGI.

And how can they be working on a sequel? They don't even know if the first will be a FLOP!, as I've heard the gameplay's original concept has been changed and now its awful. They have yet to release it worldwide!

Will this focus more on the SP? I don't understand.

This is exactly like announcing DLC before the game's shipment. Not interested.

Redempteur3167d ago

Well you know too much and too little.

The first one wasn't a flop in japan .that"s all they need to work on a sequel since the end of the story in the first one hint at it ...

BTW they made several patches that
- add new online options
- add new quests
- fixes problems

so they upgraded it..

You DO KNOW that the game is out since a long time , right ?
And no america is not the center of the world several games can be a succes without being released here.

It's like complaining that yakuza 4 is already in the works since 3 wasn't released in usa ... Learn your facts right , dude.

butterfinger3167d ago

How does it feel to be so uninformed?

DigitalAnalog3167d ago

*slaps head at Aquarius comment.

I'm sorry to say this, but let's face the reality here the whole gaming world doesn't revolve on online gaming, cross/party game chat and shooters.

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DiLeCtioN3167d ago

the first game aint even out in EU yet wth?

CaptainMarvelQ83167d ago

guess they determine if the game is a flop or not by the jp release and don't care about the rest of the world xD

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