Want To Troll The GT5 Date? Don't Get Caught

"People who have been looking forward to GT5 since soon after GT4 hit the shelves were sure to be slightly disappointed by today's news that the title wasn't going to land in Japan until March 2010.

This caused sympathetic forum members around the world to come alive with comments like "they're probably working on enhancing the damage modeling" and "it's better released when it's ready" and various other comments, but obviously at some point fanboys tried to get involved and comparisons to Forza 3 were made including this seemingly innocuous post over on NeoGAF highlighting the difference in release schedules between GT and the Forza series."

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PirateThom2884d ago

Microsoft viral attacks?

I thought that didn't happen and it was all in the minds of fanboys?

LiquifiedArt2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

...M$ is know for this kind of marketing. They do it with Linux and Mac. Its called spreading FUD: Fear.Uncertainty.Doubt.

They did it from the outset of this generation, but people should accept it and know who they are supporting with their dollars. Personally, I will not support this tyrannical company.

(Grabs popcorn and Long Spear, for the war that will ensue...Ready your Weapons!!!)

Pennywise2884d ago

I've been saying that most of the PRO-360 guys HAVE to be employees. Otherwise it really is mind boggling that people can feel that way.

I know people love the online aspects(LIVE) and the halo, but to go out there and bash people who don't like it and spread lies to make the product better is like meeting someone who is a die-hard fan of the cereal that is sold in a bag with a generic name. Just wont happen. I have never seen someone praising Vizio TV's to death... or Walmart brand clothes. Just doesn't happen.

Consoldtobots2884d ago

I was about to say, must be those conspiracy nuts at it again.

hope this lets readers here take the comments of 360 fanboys with a grain of salt when they act like we are making stuff up.

Mr Microsoft2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Hell, that even embarrasses me and I'm not easily embarrassed.

TotalPS3Fanboy2884d ago

The only 360 "fanboys" left on N4G who are still defending the RRoD and the 360 are actually just Microsoft employees, paid to troll.

PROFIT2884d ago

who in their right mind would keep buying that crap?

kingOVsticks2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

this is pathetic, are there really jobs at MS where your required to spread FUD? Well if it pays enough to each their own

MS troll-" Frickin embarassing

Gran Turismo 4 – 6/18/04
Forza 1 – 5/3/05
Forza 2 – 8/19/08
Forza 3 – 10/27/09
Gran Turismo 5 – 3/?/10

Seriously I’m done waiting, how can they let someone make 3 games before releasing GT5.
360 it is, Forza it is, Bill Gates it is!"

Neogaf mod-"dude, if you’re going to make posts like this – you shouldn’t sign up for a GAF account with your Microsoft corporate email. Seriously."

me-pwned dat ass >:)

lokiroo4202884d ago

Rigged polls and now this, stay classy M$.

DTClown2884d ago

For all of you MS fanboy's out there who say BS to the above statement, you have no idea what your talking about. The Japanese culture, unlike American culture, is based on HONOR. To the point of death before honor...i.e. WWII kamikaze pilots and a society for centuries who peformed Hari-Kari on themselves if they dishonored themselves. (for all you kids out there who don't know jack and think everything is owed to you, they would rather commit suicide than be dishonorable. AND THEY DID!)

The Japanese honor goes further down the chain to even non Japanese employees, just look at how well respected and received Phil was when he ran Sony. Sony only hires respectable people who will HONOR the Japanese way of doing business and that is to RESPECT your enemies/competition as well as your friends.

Microsoft...their actions speak volumes to the kind of people they are.

Elven62884d ago

Nothing new, how many game company employees have been caught editing Wikipedia page to say something positive about their company or bad about competition?

v1c1ous2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I'd like to mention after reading the entire thread on neogaf.

the guy is a moron. he responded outside his jurisdiction.

BUT here's the difference between a gamer's website like neogaf and troll heaven that is N4G. the discussion doesnt go past maybe 7-8 people commenting on it before the original mod that mentions it agrees it was probably some low level employee who was already known to mainly tread in 360 threads, who happened to post in a ps3 thread.

it didn't go beyond that. here in N4G though...i'm sure it's opened a can of worms.

v1c1ous2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago ) ring a bell?

or maybe when sony got caught editing the Halo 3 wikipedia?

kws10652884d ago

Turn 10 manipulates the poll over GT5 vs Forza3.

Now M$ propagates over the normal forum.

What a partnership...

TotalPS3Fanboy2884d ago

An article from Destructiod the Microsoft employees website? Get that fake assh*t out of here.

shingo2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

bish is an awesome admin. epic ban XD

v1c1ous2884d ago

he posted in 360 threads and the one time he posts in a ps3 centric thread he says something completely retarded.

i hope MS gives him a spanking :/

ultimolu2884d ago

...But I was taught that Microsoft was an innocent company! They can never go wrong!

Looking for something else to copy aren't we?

4Sh0w2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Microsoft literally employ's about 100k employee's or something like that worldwide and you guys bring out the pitch forks cause some nobody said something bad about GT5, I'm sure you have plenty of nobody fanboys who work for sony who visit internet sites, hell I bet a few from all facets of the industry visit sites and say negative things about the competition, its anonymous so who knows who these people are. In fact I'm willing to bet some guy who works at sony's mail room, or is a janitor at microsoft visits n4g or other gaming sites. Hell with they way n4g sounds I don't trust anything posted here, fanboys are making sites and accounts just to hate on the competition, sad. I think sometimes you have to be wary of the same people who point the finger they could just as easily be trying to throw dirt on the otherside and spread FUD. I wouldn't put it past a fanboy to make this stuff up and then be the same guy who says "aha I caught you", but I'm sure theres fanboys at every level who do this, I remember someone at sony being caught edit microsoft wiki page too or something like that.

shingo2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

there was another well-known microsoft rep who got caught trolling a neogaf member through pm. it happened like 2 years ago. it was so embarrassing.

Parapraxis2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Although this guys comment was silly, I'm not sure how sensible some of the allegations people are making really are.

Have a look at his post history, for the last 3 years this guys hasn't really gone out of his way in "trolling" in favour of MS.

Yes it does seem he may have been trolling in this case (or maybe just wants GT5 to be released already?) but I think some fans, and the GAF mod were a bit quick to point to the fact he has an MS corp e-mail as if it actually means anything beyond the fact that he's a gamer and works for MS.

The MOD could have easily looked up his post history, as well as the people claiming he's "paid to troll".

Anyhow, just trying to add a little bit of sensibility to this story.

EDIT: Apparently GAF has some sensible posters ;) Thanks v1c1ous.

v1c1ous2884d ago

well here's the issue:

1) the neogaf people understood your point and dropped the issue and continued discussing gt5

2) sixaxis reports it, and we know what their position is

3) gets posted on N4G, home of sensational gaming

4) sonyfriends pick up on it

5) ????

6) profit

bunbun7772884d ago

Heres something to consider....

True Story but it is just a theory--- my roommate is friends with a man named A-- his brother works for MS. A owns a 360 doesn't play a ton of games but likes to play-- we have 360's and Ps3 at the house and he comes over -- every time my roomy Jorge tells him "yo bro, gotta get a PS3" he just kinda makes this face with a smile and is like "noooooooooo"

Now A is a cool guy, but he is actually embarrassed to have a PS3 and have his brother see it-- he seriously knows his brother will be disappointed in him.

I live about 70 miles north of Seattle.

Parapraxis2884d ago

I couldn't read all the comments on GAF, way too many, but I'm really glad to hear somebody brought this guys post history up.
Thanks for the info.

PimpHandHappy2884d ago

maybe Apple was right.... MS is evil

JsonHenry2884d ago

Sony does the same thing. They just got busted about 10 years ago for paying radio stations to play their labeled songs more often than the competition.

EVERY large corporation does this sort thing. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

gaffyh2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

"conveniently forgotten about GT5 Prologue and GT PSP"

Also he conveniently forgot about the free GT HD Concept on PS3, and a little known GT4 online game which came out in 2006.

It's actually quite worrying that the time gap between Forza 2 and 3 is so short 0_0. Guess now we know why it can't stand up to GT5 graphically.

morganfell2884d ago

You are using all those bubbles up to defend Microsoft. Tsk tsk.

Greywulf2884d ago

Find me a Pro Sony site that gives Sony exclusives nothing but 9's 10's and Microsoft games 7-8 and rarely for the big ones.. a low 9 just to save face.

Find me a Pro-Sony site that reviews M$ games and claims it has "Too Much Variety"

Now, when you find those..

Exclude the ones that aren't counted on GameRankings & Metacritic.

Enjoy that exercise, because you're just "buh buh" and making excuses. There is a giant cloud of doubt that looms around the credibility of gaming media when it comes to sony, this kind of stuff just proves its right.

There is NO gloom/doom/negative Microsoft coverage from reputable sites that even raises the question if Sony has been doing questionable things behind the doors.

If you think the media isn't Pro MS. you are lying to yourself. Like, by this much |====|(x10000000infinity)

el zorro2884d ago

Greywulf works for Sony and that is the only reason he is saying what he is saying.

Captain Tuttle2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Doesn't look good at all. But man, DT clown, you just made the funniest post I've read here all year (1.10). I'm serious, that's precious.

mugoldeneagle032884d ago

This is without a doubt the funniest thing I've heard all day...

pixelsword2884d ago

PD released four games before Forza existed.

Look at my blog, and some of my posts.

That is why I hate all corporations and the schmuck executives.