DX9 vs. DX10 comparison videos from Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 comparison and benchmark videos done with an exclusive distribution of a Call of Juarez demo which includes the DX10 benchmark.
See the alternative sources for the whole benchmark on Guru 3D.

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neogeo4206d ago

vid #2 is were you can really see the difference.

Keyser4206d ago

Those were good vids. In vid one you could see the gaps in the brick floor and vid 2 it's obvious that the mountain in the distance is vastly better on DirectX10.

Does the 360 have the capability to use DirectX10? If so that is awesome and should make games a lot more realistic.

Gatlin4206d ago

Yes HDR Antialiasing real time shadows and Nex Gen material textures are great but they have yet to prove to me they can make breasts naturally jiggle as they would realistically; which in the end is what anyone cares about when they play games to tell the difference between last gen and this gen games....i'm very unimpressed ;)

And no the 360 cant do directx 10

Trickedbullet4206d ago

Not a major difference. I do believe that DX10 is still too new. The 360 is capable of using DX 10 to a certain degree. I understand that it is different than true dx 10 though. I believe it was talked about when the topic originally came up quite a while ago.

The_Firestarter4205d ago

I love the level of detail of DX10 over DX9. The third video was absolutely amazing. This is just THE BEGINNING OF DX10!!!

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