TGS 09 Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay

Gamelay video of Gran Turismo 5 from gamersyde. Enjoy!

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Ichiryoka3342d ago

Did you watch the video?

renegade3342d ago

I haven't seen this video in other stories

sack_boi3342d ago

Wow it just looks Real!

3342d ago
Greywulf3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

good thing prologue is still up/enjoyable.. but jeeze... Ive had my fill of: GT40/GT40LM/FerrariCalifornia/ STi/R8/GTR... might start exploring the other cars. Thats the only silver lining.

I was expecting December, so March isn't too bad.

Its like I know the game looks great, I know it plays great.. but gad damnit i want it in my hands!!

rockleex3342d ago

1. Because they didn't release in 2009, it would only be fair

2. To let the fans decide how much damage should be in the game, and the available options for damage in the game

3. To lure in Gran Turismo fans that have yet to pick up a Slim PS3

StanLee3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

THIS.VIDEO.RAPES! Been waiting so long to see some extend gameplay. Wow. Just wow! The Pit crew guys look like you they just walked of the set from shooting a scene for Uncharted 2.

SevWolf3342d ago

Not watching, don't want any spoilers :(
Man that looks B E A U T I F U L, can't wait :D

rockleex3342d ago

Especially at 60fps. O_O

beardpapa3342d ago

They also have a video of the SLS in action.

beardpapa3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

HEY GUYS just wanted to say the gamersyde video of the SLS. At about 1:40 you see scuff marks to the front of the SLS's hood. Also at 1:59. Download the HD one you can see it.

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Max Power3342d ago

the video not working for anyone else?

Max Power3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

it could very well be my browser, I do have a lot of protection set up, I'll try again. Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.

EDIT: It says this under the download section: "Embedded stream deactived until have a solution for our bandwidth issues." so maybe they turned it off for the moment.

Gabe EatsWell3342d ago

Are you trying to watch the HQ version? If yes, then try watching the LQ version.

Ichiryoka3342d ago

I knew you would like it!!!

Oh..excuse me I have to sneeze... ha.aahhh ahhhh TROLLLLLLLLL!!!!

coolirisGB3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

God bless you. you can get something for the rabid sneeze at the drug store, perhaps you already made the trip?

Gabe EatsWell3342d ago

No point of you bots being here. Here have a nice read:

coolirisGB3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

GT5 tracks look like Xbox graphics. So I can understand why you posted that link of the doctored cherry-picked comparison.

Gabe EatsWell3342d ago

Cry more bot. We love it.
If GT5P can crush Ownedza 3 like that, imagine what will happen if GT5 is released.

coolirisGB3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Here is a opinion of a person playing both games as we speak. This person has hands on with both game with no video or pic quality differences and cherry picking.

54percent3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

My unbiased impression on GT5

*Ironman Marvel vs. Capcom* "Superior Tech!"

My unbiased impression on flopza

"Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle"

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The_Beast3342d ago

it can be even compared with gt5?


what was it?

Gabe EatsWell3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

So many names.

EDIT: See that one disagree we all have? Its coolirisGB thats pressing the disagree button. :)

ultimolu3342d ago

Lmfao and Gabe. xD jaw dropped.