Beyond The D-Pad: Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

RockSteady's newest game is a third person action adventure game with a creative mixture of stealth elements based off the famous DC comic book superhero Batman titled Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game was recently released on August 25th 2009 for multiple platforms including the PlayStation 3.

In Arkham Asylum you play as Batman who has just easily captured the Joker which leaves The Dark Knight very wary. Upon returning him to Arkham Asylum Batman's instincts are proven right when apparently the Joker deliberately allowed himself to be captured and with the help of Harley Quinn escapes the watchful eye of Batman. The Joker soon takes control of the island and reveals his grand scheme. So with only radio help from the oracle and armed with his full arsenal of gadgets Batman must investigate and stop the Joker. Of course the Joker has other plans and leads Batman through an elaborate journey of Arkham Asylum where coincidentally many of Batman's other villains are being held.

The one true question is whether this specific title can cleanse itself of the problems that have riddled the previous Batman titles and other comic book based video games or break the mold and truly be unique? Continue reading to hear my take.

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