PlayStation Home SingStar Space Launches

Mike Hartnett at writes: "Well everybody, it's finally here. The official SingStar space has finally launched and it's time to get your groove on!"

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rbluetank3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

i all can say is xbox 360 "can't touch this!" do not hurt them hammer!! lol i love this space already.. i can not wait for them to add new songs/dance moves... sony ftw!

rbluetank3194d ago

when i left the singstar area my ps3 froze!!! this might be a problem that sony needs to get on top of ASAP. it is a cool area though. i hope this get fixed soon. i will be going back after a couple of weeks has passed. you get alot of new stuff there... it would be ashame if people do not try this room out after sony fixes it...

NJShadow3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

No, it does NOT freeze your PS3, at least it won't if you give it time and be patient when you enter. If you're patient and let it load 100% you shouldn't have any problems. The space is just facing some stress due to the influx of users coming in. Both the normal space and VIP rooms work just fine. Now, of course if you go right in + bad connection + visit your wardrobe all in one shot, that will cause problems, otherwise there is absolutely NO bugs of any kind, I haven't gotten any errors OR freezes and I've been in and out of both areas nearly 10 times.

baraka0073194d ago

LOL they have MC Hammer's "you can't touch this"!?