First screens of on Xbox 360

Microsoft has put out some screenshots of the service coming to Xbox 360, showing how you'll be able to create your own custom radio station.

The service, which looks really rather slick, can create a custom radio station based on the songs you like, which it knows by installing a plugin to iTunes or Windows Media Player on your PC.

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Zedux3251d ago

could you please add screens of something I could browse with my PS3 browser? Oops I guess you don't need cause I can access anything!

gamesR4fun3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

imo it just points out the fact that the software giant has yet to put a BROWSER into the 360 while the ps3 came with one at launch.

I dunno if joe blow is that uninformed anymore besides the only two things that matter are games and value. Personally I still think the 360 has legs if ms can deliver the goods 2010. But they gotta step up to the plate free online gaming at the very least keep charging for premium gold if they want. Tell us you got a couple stellar original ips in the works. Quit this omg twitter bs n give us a full browser. + usb k/b & mouse support

edit sorry just gotta add that my titles off being able to listen to this ingame is just plain cool and should b advertise. Tho i still stand by the rest of what i said.

Grown Folks Talk3251d ago

Anything that doesn't require the latest in flash technology. & Tebow forbid you open 2 pages at once.

creeping judas3251d ago

I can also browse the web on my PS3, but why?? Computer is just so much better. At least I don't have to squint to read the fonts.

Godmars2903251d ago

That's what zoom is for Sherlock.

PtRoLLFacE3251d ago

and do u know why MS doesn't put a browser on the 360, because they are not stupid i mean what the point of a browser if u have xbox live, u pay for xbox live and all the music videos and movies, if u put a browser u get can see then for free, lets say on youtube, and that's not good for MS. i never ever downloaded a music video or movie from the PSN why i just can go to youtube or motionempire and see it for free on the same ps3, if MS puts a browser knowing them they will probably block all websites like youtube

DaTruth193251d ago

It's really slow and it freezes all the time, it's horrible. stick with a computer

creeping judas3251d ago

why would I want to zoom?? When on my PC I dont have to do that??
Huh Sherlock??

Christ, the PS3 web browser will never beat a PC, so why even bother??

Godmars2903251d ago

So I can watch Youtube on the couch in the livingroom? Ironically, just subscribed to the Guild and Roosterteeth.

Honestly, no one is saying the PS3's browser is great, as good as a PC's, but its good enough. the level of hatred you display towards it is plain pointless.

Why dis3251d ago

You get a much faster and better quality browser that looks better with a Zune HD and a ipod touch lol.

Godmars2903251d ago

Boy, that point, about a 4" screen from less than a foot away, really works in an argument between watching something on a 17-20" screen from 1-2' away and a 20-50" screen from 5-6' away.

NoBias3251d ago

In the GamerZone on a topic only talking about 360. There's a shock. You all never quit.

Immature asses...

cyberwaffles3251d ago

"Christ, the PS3 web browser will never beat a PC, so why even bother"

hey! me and my folks watched some good three stooges on my 40 inch LCD in the living room with full surround sound. PC is better overall, but the ps3's browser and my set up has it's perks. it's also another web browser i can use for whatever reason that i can't access my normal PC.

IaMs123251d ago

Thats what i have an HDMI Cable to hook up to my laptop to browse on a TV screen in my living, or ill just use my laptop which can go anywhere in the house even the Toliet! lol

JokesOnYou3251d ago

guess some of you don't know what intergration and user friendly means...yeah a web browser if fine but ps3 web browser isn't exactly a great option for accessing the internet, I'm not particularly excited about or twitter but the intergration they add to Live and adding user friendly apps is always nice.


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Sangria3251d ago

I browse and every day, provides nice music social features and Jamendo has plenty of free artists with new albums every day.

Whoever like to listen music on his PC should take a look at those sites, and the feature on Xbox 360 may be a good addition for people who regularly listen music while playing.

gamesR4fun3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

check out the last fm fire fox add on its pretty sweet XD

edit oops i was thinking this is just some pay for internet radio crap.

"Looking for Radio?
Radio is a subscription feature.
You’ll get a 30 track free trial to Radio when you sign up, and we won’t ask you for any billing details until you decide to subscribe."

yay pay for radio online heh the psp does a better job n its a free service. FU greedy moneygrubbin sons of.. n just after i said all those nice things about em still having a chance.

Alcon Caper3251d ago

this looks great. finally!!

Johnny Jiron3251d ago

was wondering what you were talking about with the subscription to, I guess it's only free in the US, UK and Germany. Didn't know other places had to pay a sub fee.

gamesR4fun3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

that makes me sad Bad nough i cant watch tons of US and UK stuff online without cheating. So in the US all the radio you want is free not jus some first 30 tunes bs?

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Jonty3251d ago

It's about making stuff easier to use, isn't it. You could browse the web on WAP phones five years ago, but it wasn't until Apple made it all shiny and simple that people got behind it. This is the same principle - internet features for people who don't want keyboards on their consoles. Which is most of them.

36T3251d ago

Anybody know if this will be available in Canada?

creeping judas3251d ago

I am not 100% sure. My wife has a subscription on her computer. On the other hand we cannot get Pandora on our computers here in Canada. And Pandora is a similar program to

So I would like to think so, but as you know the CRTC will probably screw it up for us (not enough guaranteed Canadian content).

Munky3251d ago

The first time I heard about Last.FM was after I found out that Pandora was not available to Canadians for use on the iPhone. After some research I found out that Last.FM offered the same service as Pandora and was avaliable on the APP store. So, i'm assuming it does follow the CRTC's guidelines in regards to canadian content, since we can download it up here in the Great White North.

tawak3251d ago

if you have nothing to do with your xbox's
this and facebook with help

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