Sony PS3 back catalogue unlikely to go 3D

Sony's ability to retrospectively turn all games on the PS3 into 3D is unlikely to become a reality according to the President of the S-3D Gaming Alliance.

"We aren't sure how the rumour started, but it is unlikely to be possible for Sony to make all games on the PS3 3D retrospectively," Neil Schneider, who also happens to run Meant to be Seen (MTBS), the world's first and only stereoscopic 3D Certification and Advocacy group, told Pocket-lint in a one to one interview.

The news is likely to be a blow to those who got excited by the comments from a Sony exec reported at IFA in Berlin in Germany at the beginning of September.

"It would be possible on the PC, but consoles don't work like that," says Schneider.

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Pillage053098d ago

somebody expected them to do that?

Cwalat3097d ago

Nope, but aslong as GT5 has it, i'm happy.
Since it's mostly racing games that have a need for 3D, and not really a need as much as a great bonus.