360 N wireless adapter to cost $100

Fudzilla: From the shadows we received some additional info on the upcoming Microsoft wireless N adapter for the Xbox 360. According to the latest we are hearing, the N adapter will not replace the older model, but will be sold in addition to the older model.

The bigger whispers that we hear is that the N adapter will sell for $99 USD retail, while as we told you previously the older G model will be slashed to $79.99 USD. Most will continue to complain that the prices are still too high for a wireless adapter; the slashing of the G adapter pricing is a step in the right direction.

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BigKev453102d ago

Whoa, they are asking way too much for it.

Nineball21123102d ago

Yeah, that's a bit steep imo.

Zedux3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

MS has milked all those dumb Xbots out there to death! I don't think there's any other left to fall on this but never know they still own the Xbomb!

Zedux3102d ago

not if you are an Xbot!