GB: Halo 3 ODST Reviewed

GB writes: "Halo 3 ODST may have originally began as an expansion, but the final product in some ways surpasses its predecessor. This new take on the universe will push the escapades of the Master Chief to the back of your mind as you focus on all of the excellent content this game offers."

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Boody-Bandit3167d ago

Okay i know this is off topic but quick question.
Can you access the Reach Beta at all to even see a CGI, icons or anything? Or is it totally blacked out until the beta goes active?

gamesR4fun3167d ago

Well worth playing for any halo 3 fan but common for 60 bucks at 40 it woulda perfect. SP is short tho co-op gives it some legs but other than the 3 new h3 maps whats the point in just giving us the multiplayer part of h3 heck they coulda thrown the whole game on that extra disk im sure.
idc what the reviewers say anymore tho just cause they dont pay for stuff and live off the advertising of these companies they are suppose to b reviewing... No way can you tell me a 3 year old game lightly tweaked with a new shorter sp and less online options is worth the same as the original.

Alcon Caper3167d ago

I played it. Firefight was actually pretty exciting. blood rushing to your brain exciting...

MasterBlaster3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I paid $40 for it and I'm satisfied with my purchase. At $60 I might have been a bit disappointed but people are totally overreacting. The game may be somewhat short(not much shorter than A LOT of other games) but it's got enough replay value to justify the purchase. Any score under a 7 should be thrown out.. it's just not that bad. I'd say more around an 8.5 or maybe even a 9 if you don't have Halo 3.

I was getting tired of Halo but I'm still enjoying ODST.

tatotiburon3167d ago

COD4 was short, heavenly sword was very short and both cost $60 when they were

DARK WITNESS3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

i agree..

the most important thing, after playing the game, I actually enjoyed it more then halo 3, so in my book it's already justified it's price tag.

It's a great game, if you think its going to be short stick it on legendary to start off with and see how you enjoy it.

I lost track of time, i could have been playing it for 4hrs or 40hrs.. does not matter, i enjoyed it more then most fps games that claim to be 12 hrs long etc.

JokesOnYou3167d ago

I've been playing co-op every night with a few budd's, the games worth every penny, very nice twist to the usual Halo story line. Firefight is sick.


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gameseveryday3167d ago

yes the firefight is alone worth 60$!

divideby03167d ago

sorry..ff or horde mode or even UC2 arena mode...all fun..but NO way is it worth 60 bucks alone, nonetheless with ODST...get real

Assassin Nawabi3167d ago

certainly two discs in a single box is not a bad deal at all

newshounder3167d ago

Again it shows that why Blu ray is needed for this gen, I am not starting a flame war or something but Two discs for a single game!

StanLee3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

The second disc is content unrelated. It's Halo 3's multiplayer with the Legendary and Heroic Map packs and 3 new maps.

Sitdown3167d ago

That's Collector's Edition of STIV for the ps3 came shipped with more than one disc, as well as my limited edition of Blazblue. The reality is...there are only certain games that could feel the effect of limited disc space.......but at this time, we do not really have any games that do that. So in short...there is no "again" at this point and time.

Arnon3167d ago

"Again it shows that why Blu ray is needed for this gen"

I'm trying to figure out how 2 discs = Blu Ray being needed. How is it in this instance, needed? Oh, that's right. It's because the majority of the world are becoming obese. Also, using your limbs is so last year.

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gameseveryday3167d ago

what the game has two dics? what the hell!

ShabzS3167d ago

yeah... disc 1 has odst campaign and fire fight and the reach beta (the extras option is blacked out from the main menu)

the second disc has all the 23 halo 3 muliplayer maps, forge, theater etc...

gameseveryday3167d ago

so this is in fact halo 3 plus more! awesome!

Assassin Nawabi3167d ago

ya bungie never ceases to reward its fans

WMW3167d ago

i don't see how rebuying the halo 3 maps is a reward its a good deal for people who didn't buy halo 3 but since 10 mil people did plus every review says FANS will love it its not really worth it since most halo fans bought halo 3.

Arnon3167d ago

Wow... 10 million people bought the DLC content? Holy crap.. that made more money than every game ever released, then.

No, I bet maybe... 45% of all people who bought Halo 3, bought all the map packs.

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