Wired Hands On: How Bayonetta Stacks Up on 360 vs. PS3

Wired: Bayonetta is a third-person action game that is best described as "flashy." The eponymous character is clad only in a catsuit made of her own hair and a pair of eyeglasses. As she punches, kicks, shoots and slashes the monsters around her, her hair transforms into larger and more outrageous implements of death, at the expense of her modesty.

Bayonetta is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and I played both versions on the Tokyo Game Show floor. The Xbox version looks a little brighter and more colorful, especially during the cinematic finishing moves that punctuate the boss battles. This has the effect of making these moments more eye-popping and seamlessly blended with the actual in-game combat, while the PS3 version cut scenes feel like you're watching a movie through a sepia filter.

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jack_burt0n3097d ago

I read it all and yet still learnt nothing wtf.

mastiffchild3097d ago

I know. Seeing how Platinum have already said, and just this week, that the PS3 version is behind and not being done by them(but by Sega)ar all it's not shocking that there's these differences.

For the article to neither mention these issues nor expand on whether the differences they saw were down to them and if we might see some disappear with further polish renders the whole thing pretty pointless.

I'm not sure, either, what they were trying to tell us really. Platinum did worry me when they said that there would still be differences even at launch, mind, but seeing they did say this I still wonder what this article was trying to achieve.

TheXgamerLive3097d ago

The article made it's point, period. It was mearly a VS article, nothing more.

However, yes it was to bad there was nothing of gameplay mentioned. I'm interested in this game but I need more info more actual gameplay.

SuperStrokey11233097d ago

Given how the company made this game on the 360 first and then was very very adamant that they DIDNT do the ps3 version and sega did themselves im not shocked...

Keowrath3097d ago

Us 3rd person action fans are in for a treat over the coming months!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma2, Bayonetta, God of War3 and Castlevania!

I'll wait until the game is 100% ready before I pass judgement but I'm looking forward to it so far big style!


couldnt trust the same people making the same game for 2 system. We all know whats going to happen ???? They dumb down everything so it can run on the shltbox.

TheBand1t3097d ago

Sepia filter comment doesn't bother me as much as the camera problems they pointed out.