Square Enix's Private Trailer Theater: The Report

Wired: Square Enix always keeps their best and latest game trailers behind closed doors, and Tokyo Game Show 2009 is no exception.

After playing the demo of Final Fantasy XIII, show attendees are herded into a small pen next to the demo stations, and get to watch eight trailers for some of the publisher's most anticipated upcoming games. This is where gameplay footage, new cinematic scenes, and other video that won't make it onto the 'tubes for a long time - if ever - is shown. Photography is strictly prohibited.

And that's a shame, because I'm sure you'd have wanted to see real-time gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or The 3rd Birthday. Instead, you get me talking about what I remember from the trailers, cobbled together from hastily-scribbled notes. Please enjoy it.

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sinncross3135d ago

glad to hear that Versus 13 and Agito 13 are coming along. Pity Versus 13 is looking rough but the Agito news is exciting. Hopefully beginning next year we'll get some good look on both as promised by Square!