New Xbox 360 Peripherals Bundle On The Way

DualShockers Writes:

"I know what your thinking "how many bundles can those bastard at DualShockers possibly report on?" It seems it's all the news coming out as of late, I guess all the console makers are actually taking this whole "recession" business into consideration. The latest from Microsoft is an all peripheral bundle made to look like a movie theater pop-corn bag. It's obviously geared towards showcasing the 360's media capabilities; to help even more people jump on board with Netflix, and the upcoming instant-on 1080p Zune Marketplace. The bundle includes the following:"

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Grevan3165d ago

I definitely need to get me one of these. I like the Zune anyways.

immmmtheking3165d ago

grevan you get this bundle because you like men and ill get the modern warfare 2 bundle.