PS3 'Motion Controller'; go on, name it!

From PS3 Attitude: "The recent showing of the Motion Controller at TGS, and the subsequent PR pieces that came flooding through to Attitude Towers, make one thing very clear to us.

Sony don't have an official name for the glowy wand right now.

So go ahead, give the stick a name, and we'll send all the most popular suggestions direct to Sony…"

Enter your suggestions after the jump...

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imnotgoodtenglish3099d ago

I go ahead at name it fullaxis.

hay3099d ago

I call it Harry Potter's Dildo. I don't think they'll like it :D

You know, Harry Potter trademark etc... :>

FiftyFourPointTwo3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )


SupaPlaya3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

the first thing that came to my mine was a dildo too...

PSD - Playstation Dildo, works with BD live to bring you the best porn expericne. Only on PS3. PS3, it only does everything.

Just kidding...

I like PS Wand. Simple and straight to the point.
May be PSMouse? It can probably be used as a mouse to browse.

Raf1k13099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

The OPs 'fullaxis' seems pretty appropriate since the PS3 controller has sixaxis and it detects movement in any direction.

locos853099d ago

That wouldn't be good. In Spanish "MoCo" means booger...

rockleex3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

"Welcome To The Dark Side"


"May The Force Be With You"


"Use the Foooooo...ork?"

xc7x3099d ago

PS Wand

my only other choice would be something odd like -GLOW-

night_wing3099d ago

I agree flow motion is ok but I have better

RealityCheck3099d ago

What about Playstation Motion System, or PMS for short, oh wait...

Redempteur3099d ago

i do think that fullaxis is not a bad name ...

HolyOrangeCows3098d ago

So I go with the Sony Sex Toy, with on-rail games.

Redempteur3098d ago

you can use it with the controller ( six axis) too .
Like how they showed RE5 with it ...

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DolphGB3099d ago

To click through to the story and leave your suggestions in the poll - we'll take the best direct to Sony...

Miss Goblin3099d ago

FlowMotion...I like that.

morganfell3098d ago

I have to agree. best name so far.

dalibor3098d ago

I wouldn't mind gaming on a Flowmotion. Great name.

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militant073099d ago



dalibor3099d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

How about:
"Xross Motion"
Last one is "REcreate"
Got one more "Hang 'Em High"

majiesto3099d ago

The PS Hand, after all, it works in conjunction with the PS Eye.

ravinash3099d ago

What about 'The Finger'.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

DolphGB3099d ago

Someone did actually suggest the Sony Finger... :)

majiesto3099d ago

"You know, they call 'em fingers, but I never see them fing... Oh, there they go"

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