Sony regains her swagger

Gamesthirst writes: She's the mother of the first portable music device the Walkman. She gave birth to the gaming console that would go on to revolutionize the way were played when the Playstation was born. She's also the mother of the PS2 which is, the best selling games console of all time. She's lead the way in innovating the industry, and some of the best games call her platforms home. The PSP was her first entry into the handheld arena, and since then, she's up the ante again with the PSPgo. Sony has truly been a leader. But the moment she entered this new generation of consoles with the Playstation 3, some mistakes were made, mistakes which left her scrambling for answers and direction. The Media said she was doomed to fail, and that, the Xbox 360 would be left alone to dominate. Journalists were like wolves after their prey; their prey being Sony and her endless fopas.

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