A TGS 09 trailer for Lunar

GungHo show Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star via a trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.

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Diver2920d ago

When I saw teh title I thought it was a Ninja Gaiden trailer :)

Chubear2920d ago

Interesting looking game.

joemayo762919d ago

*goes to play the ps1 version, and youtubes Lunar SSSC theme :)

Bonsai12142919d ago

holy crap, they're remaking this game? pretty much the best RPG on Genesis. i have Lunar: SSSC. one of my greatest treasures.

AKNAA2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I love the lunar series!!! thats it! when this comes out state side, I'm buying a PSPGO!
as much as I love Final fantasy series, Lunar is like the only RPG that I played that when talking to the villagers, I actually look forward to doing so! this game has a great soundtrack, story and awesome sense of humour!

Hell, I'm giving a bobble to everyone here thats remembers and enjoys this classic!

Arnon2919d ago


This is one of, if not my favorite RPG ever. It blew away everything else on the PS1. At least, in my eyes it did.

Timesplitter142919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Aw man that music takes me back

This game was so awesome

Jsynn72919d ago

I played this first on Sega CD and bought the PS1 version (still have it). Good to see people remember a classic like this.

Jsynn72919d ago

I regret never getting to play eternal blue. Oh well, I hope one day Sony will put it up for DL on PSN.

joemayo762919d ago

as great as eternal blue is, Lunar SSS still tops it

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