Forza 3 vs GT5 Prologue comparison - super smooth Prologue wins

Gameswire has uploaded a gallery comparing screenshots from today's Forza 3 demo to GT5: Prologue - and determined that Prologue looks better.

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Dutch Boogie3196d ago

GT5 wins hands down. Why does Forza3 look so plastic and cartoony? 360 games always have that fake gloss after touch to them.

hay3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Both look sweet but Prologue seems to put emphasis on more realistic look with models of surrounding but that doesn't mean Forza looks worse. No. It's just small difference in presentation.

And let's don't lie to each other, some Forza3 surroundings have higher poly count and texture res than GT5P. But mountains in the Prologue are incredible...
But on the other side, reflections are more detailed in Prologue...

Also lighting seems more realistic in Prologue which makes normal outdoors look normally, but when shadows comes into play, fantastic. On the other hand Forza has the a bit coloured light which adds to the attractiveness.

Personally, I think it's the first good comparison between Forza 3 and any other game. Great comparison of great games, really makes you think about the differences and details.
Real eye-candy.

Aggesan3196d ago

I think the lighting is what makes GT5 Prologue look more realistic. The higher resulotion doesn't hurt either.

THC CELL3196d ago

do u no the worst thing about gt5p and im not kidding you
is the trees and some of the car springs over u no ramps hills etc

the cars look perfect
i dont think any console can top that

the final GT5 will just blow forza away
and every race fan no's that

Cwalat3196d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

These are probably the worst screencaps i've seen so far of both these games. What are these guys using to do this?

Even OFF screen camera shots look better than this, let me give you an example:


Scroll down to GT5Prolouge pics, taken offscreen.

Xulap3196d ago

Is that only GT5: Prologue?

I can't wait to see a comparison between Forza and the final build of Grand Turismo 5(not Prologue).

Cwalat3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )


My friend, don't even mention a comparison between Forza3 and GT5. Here is a quick sample of how monstrous the PREVIEW build from GT5 looks, new screens directly from IGN. The fight would be a quick and easy one for GT5, but slow and painfull for Forza 3:

GT5 best racing game of all time:

Raf1k13195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Forza doesn't look cartoony. It's just that GT looks much more photorealistic so screenshots are hard to tell whether or not it's a real image whereas when looking at Forza screenshots it's easier to tell that they're from a game.

edit: don't get me wrong I'm not saying you can't tell GT screenshots are from a game (though some definitely make you scratch your head) it's just that when comparing the two games GT screens look more real.

Sitdown3195d ago

with the lightening....actually, I have seen some screen shots from both games where the lightening just seemed to bright and made the colors look to cartoon like

"The fight would be a quick and easy one, but slow and painfull for Forza 3"

There is a contradiction in there some where.


@ Aggesan

totally agree about the light being what makes GTP better..

and the other comment about the poly count, i think is very true.

what you never see from the pictures and vid's is how flat everything looks in GTP. the cars look amazing yes and i do think they still look better then forza, but when you look at the environment, i was not impressed with gtp.

It looks great in screen shots and stuff, it's just one of those things you don't see until you are playing the game infront of you on a 40" LCD.

I won't put my foot down on forza cos i have not played it yet either, but i remember being very disappointed when i played forza2. IMO, pgr 3 and 4 graphically looked better.

Carbide73195d ago

This pretty much proves that every screenshot turn 10 has released had been from the freakin' photo-mode. And no, both don't look great. Gt5p is the only one that looks great. I bet Forza's a wonderful game by itself(gameplay), but it's NOT even close to GT5 or Prologue. Just look at this screenshot before disagreeing.

You Forza fans say that GT5p has 2D trees, what about those ugly pixelated vegetation in the Forza background?

Raf1k13195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Great graphics and photorealism aren't always the same thing.

You can create a amazingly detailed model of a wall in a racing game and also one that's rather flat in comparison but with high res textures. Then when you drive past at high speed the flatter wall can look more impressive.

With games like Forza and GT the car is the star which is why they take centre stage and are so amazingly detailed. The detail of the race tracks comes after the cars on the list of priorities or so it seems.

edit: Take a look at this image from L4D2 which we all know runs on an pretty old graphics engine:
The character model actually looks rather photorealistic compared to the following screenshot from Gears2:
That's not photorealistic at all even though graphically it's better.

Sarcasm3195d ago

After playing the forza 3 demo for the past couple hours. I conclude that it's a worthy racing game and I will buy it to tide me over until GT5.

But graphically, it still isn't able to touch GT5P let alone GT5.

Disagree all you want. Just my opinion, and who cares about my opinion anyway.

PROFIT3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

lol, i knew it

cant touch the KING

this is just more proof, that the 360 will never touch the ps3, and Uncharted will remain unrivaled.

all the 360 can do now is wait for the 720 to compete with the ps3

Microsoft Xbox 3603195d ago

It's pretty embarrassing for Turn 10. They bragged like hell only to get owned by a 2 year old outdated GT5P engine.

ultimolu3195d ago


GT5 Prologue won, imo.

DARK WITNESS3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

@ Raf1k1

ya, i generally agree with you...Killzone has great graphics, but it's not photo real etc..

I already said the cars look better in GT anyway. The car does come first, but still you want something that's consistent. If your car was photo real and then the track, people, trees and everything was cartoony, you can't say it would not put you off a bit. If we are talking about comparing graphics then that's what we are comparing, nobody was specific... and neither matter if they look great but play like crap ( i am not saying they do mind you )

LiL T3195d ago

I missed quite a bit of news while playing UC2 beta. Does anybody know the NA release date for GT5. The game is looking amazing ( I know this is a GT5p comparison). I just watched the LP560 video and seen the spoiler on the Benz functional just like the Veyron... does any other console racer do this if not then it can't possibly be definitive without that detail. All I can say about GT5 from what I seen so far is DAAAAAAAUUMMM!!!!!! I feel sorry for Fortza and Half a Turn studios.

side note UC2 beta is fun as hell.

Sarcasm3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The real difference is in the development. There's a reason why PD takes their time. The driving force behind the team is Kazunori Yamauchi, who is probably used as an example of the word "Perfectionist" in the dictionary.

Who knows, maybe if Turn 10 wasn't so hellbent on trying to finish in 2 years and took their time to develop Forza 3, maybe it would have had GT5p graphics (in 720p).

evildeli3195d ago

Agreed. The screenshots barely match. I'll wait for Lens of Truth's comparison. They do a better job of matching.

Raf1k13195d ago

Yeh I agree with you.

The track has to be photo realistic too for it to have a chance of being immersive.

I haven't played either game but from what I've seen I'd say GT looks more photorealistic in terms of cars and tracks.

Montrealien3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Does GT5P look amazing? yeah, but don`t expect a huge leap from GT5P to GT5, I mean, it is GT5.

As a huge GT fan (I own ever Gran Turismo ever realesed) I will admit hands down that Gran Turismo looks better then Forza 3, so in the graphics department chalk one up of PD. However I am inteligent enought to know that both games are looking to be great console racers that each offer a very full racing experience, there is no denying the customizing options in Forza 3 alone as a reason to not mind the graphical diferences it has with GT5.

I have been playing Forza 3 at work all morning and it does not dissapoint and does look very good in its own right. It will definatly hold me over till March 2010. :)

militant073195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I have both Forza 3 demo and GT5P, ill keep my opinion for myself,

this site is not soo friendly -,-"

Edit: lol those picture taken from replay, ingame picture looks much better than the replay one, download and see for yourself, this comparison fail

MNicholas3195d ago


Forza 3 looks a lot worse than I expected. Polygon count has been noticably lowered (too many polygon edges) and AA is surprisingly poor.

Everything still looks like plastic.

Perhaps they'll fine tune some things for the final game. Let's not forget that there can sometimes be some significant code changes between and release.

PROFIT3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

hit disagree all you want, it doesnt change the FACTS:

GT5P is better then the retail FORZA 3 . turn10 has failed to bakup all their bullshots

heres some proof:

the funniest thing of all is that the 360 fans jump on 1 missing pixel in MULTIPLATS. Now, when exclusives are compared, they are nowhere to be found!!!!!!!


RSX + cell + brd, totally destroys the 360

marinelife93195d ago

Are their any more 360 exclusive that people would like to compare to PS3 exclusives? Forza just got it's @$$ kicked.

How about a Halo ODST to Killzone 2 comparison for a good laugh.
Or a Uncharted 2 to Gears 2 comparison that would be fun as well.

commodore643195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

all i can say is that i played GTp on a mate's ps3 and i was literally BORED in about 5 minutes.

end of.
edit @ thor:

No, mate, I have played lots of racing games of all descriptions, over many years.
GTp was just plain boring to me ... no need to get offended about that, huh?

MNicholas3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

L4D2 is a lot better looking than the original and is built on a much improved engine. The original was one of the worst looking games on the 360.

Not sure why you say L4D2 is worse than Gears 2. Gears has some pseudo-HDR effects that make it more eye-catching but that screen-shot of Gears 2 doesn't show any self-shadowing, a feature that L4D2 has and, in fact, many PS2 games and even a few Xbox games had.

thor3195d ago

Not a race fan then eh commodore? You prefer arcadey games with cartoon graphics and zany handling rather than a racing simulation? Forza must be right up your street. That's OK. Many people are like that, but there are also many people who enjoy racing for real, and enjoy simulation racing.

uie4rhig3195d ago

but i also think, that if you are a car fanatic, you are gonna miss out by being a fanboy and only buying one of the two!

Kain813195d ago

its possible that GT5 will be released this year in US/EU, the announced release date is for japan.
March 2010, you will ask me why, ithink that sony dont want that
ff13 or GT5 will be hurt in sales in japan, but in US/EU ff13 will release march or april 2010

DonCorneo3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

you got punk'd

obviously, those are pictures of real life

the only thing strange about it is: why are there race cars in the streets of tokyo.. hmmm

Montrealien3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Hey thor, I suggest you get the forza 3 demo, put everything to hard, take off all assists and take the Porche GT3-RsR for spin and then get back to me. I will be getting both and will be very happy with both, but the Forza games have always been very good sims, there is no point in being in denial about such a simple fact. Speaking of facts.

Fact#1-Forza 3 will be the best console sim racer on the 360.
Fact#2-GT5 will be the best console sim racers on the PS3.
Fact#3-The people arguying over which one is the best are just little puppies chasing their own console war tails around.

And Kain, get over it, march 2010 is the date, no way in hell that its coming out here first. However I will be the happiest guy here if I am wrong and they surpise us with a NA/EU release date in late 09.

Cwalat3195d ago


Damn didn't see that one coming =P

lol, seriously... the game looks better than reality, better than imaginational level of graphics.

Montrealien3195d ago

I almost want to frame this quote and keep it for ever.

(better than imaginational level of graphics)

edgeofblade3195d ago

You sim racer players are all masochistic dolts. I don't care which one looks better or which one has more realistic physics. They are all overly technical buzzkill games.

thor3195d ago

Nah I was just kidding about the zany physics and stuff. To be honest I think Forza 3 will be the better game out of the two... but to say GT5:Prologue is BORING means that Forza 3 has something that GT5 doesn't that gets him interested. Both games are great racing simulators, and I mean the thrill of overtaking or just keeping your lead, taking a perfect corner is the same in both games.

My only conclusion can be that he enjoys the damage in Forza (meaning he can't drive), the rewinding feature in Forza (likewise), or that he doesn't have fun if he's not painting the outside of his car. Because the actual racing is the same (although GT5:P supports more cars on track).

360 fans spread a lot of FUD about "well I just didn't enjoy it" and you can present them with the facts, like the driving is pretty much identical, and they fail to explain why they think one is OMGZZZZ and the other is "boring". If you're bored by racing around a track, you're not going to like either game. If you find racing in Forza exciting, you're going to find it exciting in GT (or for that matter, pretty much any other racing simulation game). Questions of features, longetivity, graphics, handling etc. aren't going to make you "bored after 5 minutes".

3195d ago
Rhythmattic3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I posted this in OZ.

All I can
I just downloaded the Forza 3 Demo, and, Those screen shots are pretty right on, jaggies and all.

(both running 720P on a 50" Plasma Panasonic.)

I know its a demo, and things could possibly get better, as is the case with GT-P.

Maybe its the Lighting engine in GT- "prologue" , but it is graphically, without a doubt , immensely superior to F3.

Like it or hate it, for me its a cemented fact.

As for the game play, I really cant give an opinion with controllers.... Unfortunately my Logitech G25 doesent work with the 360....

Damn you MS, I really dont want to have to buy a new wheel.... Why the hell dont you support the G25 ? Windows does....

One more thing. YOU, iRobot, really need to Re-Boot.

LazyDevs3195d ago

Well it means alot to constantly compare the 2, considering GT5 has been in the works for close to 5 years now and Forza 3 only took 2 years. That is funny less than half the time and is very comparable to a 5 year developed game.

LazyDevs3195d ago

Man i do not know how many times i have to say this, but the backgrounds in GT5 is just awful. Everything but the cars and the actual road is just dreadful in that game. If you look at screens shot 2 and look at GT5 to the right. Just puny tree's stuck on a flat non detailed hill and the lighting on the that stuff makes me want to puke. It looks dull and has not atmosphere at all.

MNicholas3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The difference in the quality between these replay images is all the more striking when one considers that not only is GT5 Prologue rendering twice as many cars and, even in exterior views, shading car interiors (Forza 3 just blacks out most of the interior parts), it's renders these replays at true native 1080P/30 (1920x1080: 2.1M pixels/frame) while Forza 3's replays max out at 720P/30 (1280x720: 0.92M pixels/frame).


HDgamer3195d ago

You're pissed because you know you can't even buy both games. Cry Moar!

LiL T3195d ago

You like looking stupid don't you. Your comparing Fortza bullshots to better looking "IN GAME" GT5p screenshots. What a dumba$$ roBOT.

PROFIT3195d ago

lol u dimwit

those are the bullshots i was reffering to in my earlier comment.

thanx for clarifying what a tool you are

Kleptic3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

is this just the screens?...but I have never seen a 360 exclusive have such a lack of AA...AA has always been one of the 360's stronger areas relative to the PS3...but forza 3 doesn't fit that mold so all...

its not just in the comparisons of this article...even in pics users submitted all through this thread...

but whatever guys...these articles are pointless...say whatever you want about GT...but they have ALWAYS been the most realistic looking racing games since the beginning...

Forza 2 was topped by GT HD...a test bed that ran ENTIRELY on GT4's engine...which was developed for the PS2 (i've said it a hundred times, but GT4 even on the PS2 could run at 1080i HD with component cables, so could tourist trophy)...and Forza 3 is obviously visually topped by this, a nearly 2 year old 'demo' for GT5...

that is how the world works...PD has the cash, the talent, and the time to do this...its simple as that...Turn 10 doesn' does not mean forza 3 will be a bad game at all...but there was very little evidence from the beginning that any title 2 years in the making was going to top anything GT has visually...

thor3195d ago

Yeah the environments in Prologue are awful; hopefully they're vastly improved in the full release. Also it seems that one of the reasons Forza 3's only taken 2 years is because they've just used the same engine. For GT5 they've had to code a brand new engine. Not to mention the fact that these shots are from Prologue released about a year and a half ago.

Unfortunately, environments aren't what it's all about - I'd say the track and the cars are just as important. In this respect Prologue blows Forza 3 out of the water with its superior lighting.

3195d ago
MNicholas3195d ago

you can't be serious.

It's been a while but I don't remember PGR4 looking as bad as the new Forza 3 demo.

PROFIT3195d ago

u go into every ps3 thread to troll around and spread your feces.

i hope you know that your actions accomplish nothing but make yourself look like a flaming idiot.

have a good day, and enjoy your miserable pathetic excuse of a life

The Creep3195d ago

do you guys actually think gt5p looks better than forza

im not so sure

the environments do let gt5p down a bit

Syronicus3195d ago

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can compare to GT5 in terms of looks. It is the best looking race sim you will ever see and if you disagree, you are a blind moron. Now, does knowing this make Forza 3 bad? By all means no, but it does mean that any and all comparisons of these two games are silly as there is one clear winner. GT5 will blow the others out of the water when it comes to looks.

What the Xbox fanboys need to get out of their head is, just because GT5 is the end all be all racing sim, does not make Forza 3 a bad game. You can have more than one good game to play but when it comes to the best in terms of looks, GT5 wins, hands down.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Forza3's got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better environments.

not to mention softer shadows too, GT5p's shadows are hard.

Rhythmattic3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

OMG,, lets compare environments... Is that all you got ? Just hanging on eh ?

Until both get a full release and we can compare the Nurburgring, environments mean diddly squat.

All I can say is get both, play both.

Edit: Mmm, the trees .. Ok...I agree... As for the rest....


it's a little true forza3's cars bare a little bit more color, but the environments do say something different.

the trees alone in forza3 are just amazing.


"Yes the trees are amazing
" THESE are forza3 trees.

you know it's amazing how these people made this damn comparison.........what were they thinking?

DevastationEve3195d ago

De mo.

Anyway, of course I'd rather have GT5p than a Forza MS 3 demo. Now, about the final Forza MS 3...yeah no contest there. I'm sorry it's 2009 so it's time to upgrade that ole beatup 2007 model ;)

Dellis3195d ago


Montrealien3195d ago

So let me get this straight, GT5P is a demo now? I could of sworne a different tune was being sung when it was launched.

mal_tez923195d ago

Did forza just get beaten by a demo???

I thought the graphics were very good. I guess I'll be buying GT5. Although I somehow always knew GT was better than Forza, and not just for graphics.

JsonHenry3195d ago

I prefer the look of GT5 myself. The back ground and shading/reflections on the cars just look more real. But the roads and aliasing are much better on Forza 3.

But if you want the most realistic looking racing game to date? You are gonna have to go with this -

darkmurder3195d ago

Anyone else notice that Forza is shrunk in size to make it look like it has jaggies that evidently weren't there in the demo? Why does GT5 get to be wider? Who knows... biased article.

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gears223196d ago

DO SOMETHING,give this site a free car or two..

cellypower3196d ago

Wow Prologue looks very good compared to forza 3!

jack_burt0n3196d ago

this is gonna be one hot article.....

<jumps in bomb shelter>

gameangel3196d ago

It's quite amazing really...

If Forza can't even top GT5 prologue, how's it going to look when the real GT5 comes out in March?

ThatCanadianGuy3196d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

"Forza 3 delivers the thrills that our competition can't," said Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenwalt.

"Forza 3 is the best looking racing game on any console, and the biggest racing game of this generation,"

"We're shipping the definitive racing game of this generation."

Yet it looks worse than a GT demo.

Turn 10 wish they were in the same league as Polyphony Digital.
LOL! That reminds me of that Cnet poll of what's better, Forza or GT
And turn 10 were bribing players on their forums with free rare cars if they vote Forza.And GT still won by a huge margin.

Epic fail

Montrealien3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I dissagre my Canadian buddy, GT5:P is not a Demo, it has as many cars as shift does ffs! And, Forza 3 is not a Fail, you are just being silly now. This trolling thing has made you mad! lol

btw, I like it when a dev says crazy things, it helps them to push for a better product, look at Guerilla. I believe Killzone 2 is what it is because they set their benchmark so high, they even admited. I expect Forza 3 to be a great game because Turn 10 tried their best to reach their crazy goals that they decided to make public.

man0fsteel3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Turn 10 is sounding a hell of a lot like Kanye West