Killzone 2 $39.99

Newegg has Killzone 2 for the PS3 in their Game Bargain Bin for $39.99 with free shipping.

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DK_Kithuni_713211d ago the campaign mode in Killzone 2 on veteran. Phew..! I'm getting slain. The Helgast sure are an angry bunch of "red eyes" and I love them for it! :-) Killzone 2 is a fantastic game. The boss fights are so so but the gameplay truly kicks so much ass. Cannot believe it sold so few copies. 1.93 million copies as of June 20th 2009 according to VGChartz. Sony should launch a re-marketing campaign for it. It deserves to bet out there on many more PS3's.

arakouftaian3223d ago

if you like the demo, the full game is much more better,

but dont get this game if you think is the end of all games, thats just soo nerd and famboy,
just buy it play it and have fun dont expect to be the best of the best kz2 is just and amazing game.
and i recomend you to go to to read a lil more abouth the killzone history before you play the game that way you can enjoy it way more!!!