1UP: White Knight Chronicles TGS 2009 New Impressions

Thanks to a dramatic trailer, White Knight Chronicles immediately became anticipated as the next triple-A Japanese RPG during the PS3's early days. A couple years and a forgettable release in Japan capped off with a disappointing review in Famitsu later, much of its shine is gone as it finally approaches a spring 2010 release in America. Much of WKC's initial appeal came from scenes in the trailer, where your character transformed into a majestic towering robot-knight in gleaming metallic armor. As 1UP learned when they got a chance to really get into the Japanese version, that's only part of the game. In addition to the traditional story mode, White Knight Chronicles offers a sort of learner's MMORPG for four player as well.

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DonCorneo3222d ago

did it not sell 207K in the first 3 days?.. 3rd best behind mgs4 and DMC4

4th now maybe, tov did better, though

the writer is either an xbot or an idiot. but xbot and idiot usually go together.

SSCOOLCHEA3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

correct my friend

Did they fire the chinese guy at 1up ? he was a fkn bot to....Him and master chef used to lick each others balls. Thank god that EGMbots went bankrupt for writing crappppp

sinncross3222d ago

The first game aint even out here and Im interested in this one !

Darkfiber3222d ago

So sick of hearing about this game, I don't even want it anymore.