Stalker: Call of Pripyat - The first DirectX 11 screenshots

The first DirectX 11 screenshots of Stalker: Call of Pripyat have been released. PCGH has comparisons with Direct X10 that show some of the DX11 features like Hardware Tessellation and DirectX 11 shadows.


PCGH has published new screenshots of Stalker: Call of Pripyat that demonstrate DirectX 11 features.

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richierich3134d ago

Not very impressive even in DX11

Timesplitter143134d ago

Yeah. STALKER isn't really graphically impressive but it's still a great game

zagibu3133d ago

I think the difference is very subtle in some cases, but still obvious enough to see that they labeled it wrong in picture 5 of 14. DX11 is left, as the model on the right is much more edgy.

Also, the difference global illumination makes in outdoor daylight scenes is pretty drastic, I think.

Raf1k13134d ago

Not much of a difference in the shadows but the tesselation makes quite a difference as it makes those "curves" look much more like curves.

free2game3653134d ago

Not to mention the performance difference tessellation is supposed to make vs parallax mapping.

MiamiACR13134d ago

Does this mean DX11 games will look and preform better then DX9 games?

DiffusionE3134d ago

I sure hope so, but I highly doubt it. Let's wait and see....

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