Two new PS3 250GB bundles

Sony Computer Entertainment today announced a line-up of PlayStation®3 (PS3) bundles for the holiday season, consisting of a PS3 with a 250GB hard disc drive and one of a selection of software and content, including FIFA 10 and Need for Speed Shift.

The bundles will be available throughout retail in October 2009.

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Milky2923d ago

That Fifa 10 bundle will sell like mad.

randomwiz2923d ago

fifa ps3 bundle is to europe as the 360 mw2 bundle was to america

DasBunker2923d ago

so can we confirm now the other bundles that were rumored? uncharted 2 bundle here i go!

Face Palm2922d ago

"download more of the latest games and add-ons from PlayStation®Store, as well as movies in both HD and SD from the PlayStation®Network video delivery service when it launches later this year"

Um... the video service launched LAST year unless they're talking about it launching in other regions; if that's the case, they should specify that and say that it's already available in the US.

Ron_Burgundy2923d ago

just have a different bundle for each region

Include a popular Japanese game for the Japanese region, Fifa 10 for the europe region, and Mw2 bundle in the US, and it's a done deal for Sony :P

Bathyj2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

And a GT Bundle for the whole world.

One deal to rule them all !

You stay classy.

Ron_Burgundy2923d ago

problem is I don't know if GT is coming out this year :(

SupaPlaya2923d ago

March of next year for Japan

SprSynJn2923d ago

They are going to have a Final Fantasy 13 bundle for Japan right? I think they should also consider bundling Winning Eleven here as well. It's the Fifa of Japan after all.

BWS19822922d ago

I'm with many Americans over here that are still a great bit pissed off at Activision, I'd totally pass on a MW2 bundle in favor of Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Batman AA, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ratchet: Crack in Time, Dragon Age Origins, InFamous, Fallout GOTY Ed, or Killzone 2...there's also MLB The Show or NBA 2K10 or Madden 10 that many of us out here would love....Bobby Kotick has feces on his face still from all the time his head's up his ass. No thanks, the guy's got it coming, only reason I'll eventually want it later is because I still have a ton of respect for IW.

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Killjoy30002923d ago

If these will retail for 299 then the NFS Shift bundle is a winner for me this holiday season. Well, more for my brother because it's his! Cannot wait to get a second PS3 in my house.

firelogic2923d ago

Nice try but they'll be going for $400USD.

theEnemy2923d ago

$299 for a 250GB Slim and a game ?

You're pushing it too far.

Sarcasm2923d ago

Aren't these in Europe anyway

JonnyBigBoss2923d ago

Good bundles. Not a soccer fan but I respect it.

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