Microsoft's Phil Spencer easily envisions Fable, Natal crossover

Joystiq: Microsoft Game Studios' corporate vice president, Phil Spencer, doesn't seem like the easily startled type. In fact, on the list of things that wouldn't catch him off guard, the incorporation of Project Natal into a high-profile, Xbox 360-exclusive franchise probably doesn't sit very high. Perhaps a few spots below lots of people buying a new Halo game.

During a Tokyo Game Show interview (look for the full transcript soon), Spencer told Joystiq that the innovation fostered inside Lionhead Studios made it a good match for Microsoft's forthcoming motion control system. "You know, Lionhead's been a real innovation studio for us," he said. "We have the release of Fable 2 episodic this week, where they're taking Fable 2 and breaking it up into chunks, allowing people to buy the content at their pace. Fable 2, I thought, was a great release, with the orbs they added with Live, adding new functionality to the franchise. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Natal found its way into future iterations of Fable."

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