Star Trek Online: Discovery Class Revealed

IncGamers is reporting that Cryptic Studios has unveiled a new class of ship for Starfleet in its upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.

The long-range science vessel, inspired by Voyager, is capable of long missions without backup from Starfleet. The article also includes several screenshots of the new class.

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Maticus3218d ago

Loved Voyager. Does this mean there's no Intrepid class?

Leord3218d ago

Well, it's quite a bit in the future from the voyager, so I guess this class has replaced it!

Fyzzu3218d ago

Really? I'd have been happy if I'd never been reminded of Voyager again...

Leord3218d ago

I love Voyager, what are you on about?!

Leord3218d ago

I am wondering where the franchise is going, with the whole film story, and this game set a good distance in the future...

Dorjan3218d ago

I was about to say "that looks like an intrepid", then the notes say it is inspired by the intrepid!

Malfurion3218d ago

Hmm, who's going to play ships like this though? Give me more firepower!

Azurite3218d ago

That's one incredible ship right there.
Exploration for the win. <- Me Malfurion, me.

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