FFXIII - Lighting Edition PS3 Slim

From Gameswire: "Square has unveiled a limited edition Final Fantasy XIII PS3, due to go on sale later this year.

"Dubbed the Lightning Edition, The 250GB Slim model – which has been given a rather fetching pink-on-white FFXIII theme – is due to go on sale in Japan alongside the game on 17 December, and will be available in strictly limited amounts.

"Although the exact number of consoles has yet to be revealed, we do know the price: JPY 41,600, or GBP 285/USD 460. Not that it's likely to ever be released outside of Japan."

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sakura20093248d ago

it looks so beautiful. me want

Miss Goblin3248d ago

Oooooh yes please me want too! It's beautiful. But I think I will feel dirty playing Killzone 2.

nix3248d ago

so beautiful.. if not for the game, i wish i could just get the console like that.

Vivi3248d ago

Another image here and with the games boxart?

TOSgamer3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

SCEA should strongly consider releasing this in the US. Unfortunately, they usually have their head up their butt when it comes to limited or special editions so I doubt it. We never even got the silver or white fat ps3s.

Chubear3248d ago

Holy crap, JPN is going to explode in December. Wow.

rockleex3248d ago

I think she'd love this. :P

gaffyh3248d ago

Million seller right there :)

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gameangel3248d ago

Yeah, that's really nice. I'm guessing there's no chance that it'll be released outside of Japan though... Might have to import.

Megaton3248d ago

I hate that they never release these special edition etched PS3's outside Japan.

Vivi3248d ago

Another pic and I think with the official boxart.

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The story is too old to be commented.