Kojima to create a Milo like experience on Natal? "When takashi Sensui asked each of the developers to share their dream for project Natal, Hideo Kojima said "I would like to have some kind of AI system, that understands me best"

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cronaldo72999d ago

MGS: Natal Edition enhances the realism by allowing players to hide inside their own cardboard boxes.

immortal842999d ago

Nice idea, but how about, you are the hero and you can talk to MGS characters?

Saaking2999d ago

If Kojima really does follow through with good support, then I'll really consider buying Natal. Kojima is one of the best, if not the best game dev out there.

immortal842999d ago

Yeah absolutely, kojima is the man :)

themyk2999d ago

that a boy playstationx.

i've been on here trying to rally the troops as well.

keep fighting the good fight.

Feral Gamer2999d ago

You're so anti-MS/360 in all your other posts, but suddenly you might consider buying Natal because of Kojima? Talk about double standards.

hay2999d ago

If Kojima makes anything for Natal, I'm among first to buy it.

Perjoss2999d ago

@ 1.4
omg thats so epic, I don't think i can make my mind up on that one, 2 giant heros that will forever leave a mark in gaming history. I did try to decide between one of those two, twice actually but my head exploded both times, I dont feel worthy to vote on this matter.

DigitalAnalog2999d ago

I guess he respects Kojima more than his hatred for the 360.

That's appreciation to a whole new level.

As for me, I'll be buying Natal for the exact same reason. Heck, MGS is the only reason why I bought PSX, PS2 AND THE PS3.

evrfighter2999d ago

woohoo Gordan Freemans bout to give snake a first class beatdown with his crowbar.

rockleex2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

His disappointment when he tries to see what the bottom of an Avatar's shoe looks like.

But seriously, he hasn't made any games for the Wii. I don't think he'd make any games for Natal either.

It could be possible if he made a casual game where you interact with an AI, but that's about it. (Milo)

Natal is just not accurate and responsive enough for hardcore games.

KiRBY30002999d ago

so? whats the problem? i dont get it.

some people will buy a console for 1 game only. i already did.

i bought a dreamcast the day shenmue has been released. one of my best memory as a gamer.

ThanatosDMC2999d ago

I hope he makes a sexy female!

season0072999d ago

I guess he is right about natal being a revolution and if he is creating a game on natal it will be GREAT fun...

but only if it comes...i bet it is still an idea rather than an existing tech...

phosphor1122999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Is that without adequate processing power and storage, an AI cannot learn. To date, I'm pretty sure the only "learning AI" is chatbox, which in fact records what words come before/after which to form sentence. At one point in time, that thing just made racist remarks (you can probably still see if it still does that o_o) because that's all it knew.

There is no "human like" learning AI that has passed the Turing test. Even Molynuex has said that Milo only understood the pitch of what people were saying things, and figuring out what sort of line you said. If they do make a "Milo" as good as they are making it out to be, then they wouldn't be making a video game AI, but instead the government would hire them to make an AI for them. Let me reiterate what has been said. A "LEARNING AI" HAS NOT PASSED THE TURING TEST YET, SO IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

rockleex2999d ago

Don't expect ZOE or MGS type of games for Natal from Kojima.

Its just not responsive and accurate enough.

Kojima is a mastermind, and I have a lot more confidence in his AI game than Milo. But I won't get my hopes up to ZOE or MGS levels.

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no_more_trolling2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

kojima has his eyes on the 360 now

its good that people are now realizing that the gaming industry caters to making a profit, and not feeding the self esteems of deluded fangirls

welcome kojima
we welcome you with open arms

i bet some of you are having chest pains right now lol
eat ur heart out byches lol

im not interested in playing any form of metal gear game on the 360
please bring something new

LTC2999d ago

Meanwhile MGS5 announced exclusively for PS3 next year.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I look at your nickname and then I read your comment and then I am like: WTF?

And please, for the love of GOD, change that awful avatar! Please!

Da One2999d ago

I'm sorry but i thought the psp had the next installment in MGS story line

Perjoss2999d ago

if msg4 got a release on the 360 i'd buy it in a heart beat, even though i believe it would be slightly inferior to ps3 version. I bought it on ps3 and finished it, what an amazing game. Its in my top 3 games for the ps3 along with heavenly sword and valkyria chronicles (yeah my taste is a bit different to most).

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Saaking2999d ago

MS paid big money for Kojima to say this; however, If kojima does come up with something good on Natal, then consider it a buy for me. After all, Kojima is a genius!

Gamer_Politics2999d ago

so i guess Sony paid IW alot of money to say everyone must buy Uncharted 2.....

Biggunz2999d ago

xbots playing with dolls on TV....kinda weird if you ask me.

themyk2999d ago

Makes sence. i mean kojima can do what ever he wants. and natal and a milo thing would be right up his alley.

and i can guarantee it will be better than that garbage molenux or how ever you spell his stupid nake made.

Bob Dole2998d ago

It would be really cool. A Kojima AI with huge bewbage and a clusterf*ck storyline that's as enthralling as it is confusing ending up making awesome sense somehow... and lots of explosions. Can't forget those.

El Botto2999d ago


hahaha do you really believe that?

siyrobbo2999d ago

bye bye bubbles..... clicks ignore

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