White Knight Chronicles II to have online and offline play

VG247: Sony's just confirmed that White Knight Chronicles' sequel, Awakening of Light and Darkness, will feature both online and offline play. The news was included in a TGS info sheet, pictured above.

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madmonkey03036d ago

i wish devs would just occasionally put 100% effort into making the single player game something really speciall.

jhoang3036d ago

unfortunatly it seems those days are long gone.

Gun_Senshi3036d ago

does days are long gone, nowdays its cheaper and nets more money to make crappy offline game and make just online like CODs

Feral Gamer3036d ago

Uncharted 2 says hello, you can have both. Not to mention Bioshock if you want strictly single player, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Metal Gear.....

SupaPlaya3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

they should have focused more on the SP and the story, instead of adding the MP. I was so pumped for this game after seeing the original trailer (then called White Knight Story). Graphics and animation are amazing in what is probably the target render.

The final product didn't impress me. While it's not bad by any means, it is vastly different than the target render. Perhaps they should do 720P instead of 1080P.

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themyk3036d ago

go vote for snake. do your part.

gordon freeman can't win.

snake must win.

themyk3036d ago

snake must win. gordon freeman can't beat snake.

do your part vote for snake. vote for snake.

come on sony dudes. i know you want snake to win.

on topic

white knight cron. online wow

TOO PAWNED3036d ago

Coming near you (EU-USA) in 2012

Saaking3036d ago

Another AAA PS3 exclusive JRPG

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The story is too old to be commented.