Forza 3 Demo Arrives

Finally the wait is over. The Singleplayer Demo for Forza 3 has been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, weighing in at 1.25gb. Grab it now.

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Doctor_Doom3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )


SEE YA *running to my xbox*

leeger3070d ago

is it already available for silver members?

Blaze9293070d ago

Nah silver members usually have to wait a week for new demos.

Anyway playing now! YES YES YES! Plugged in my Microsoft Racing Wheel and the experience is just even better with it. Loving this game so far and day 1 purchase is now confirmed for me.

steve30x3070d ago

Gold members only. We have to wait a week or so to download the demo (Thank you microshaft)

HammockGames3070d ago

I know what I'll be doing tonight when I get home.

peeps3070d ago

Well napoleon_ist while i'm waiting for GT5 to release next March i can be playing Forza 3... means i get the best of both worlds

Cwalat3070d ago


Dude that's gotta be a mistake, how can Forza 3 the most anticipated racing game this year only have 8 cars in a race?

Is it a joke or are u for real? i'm confused. =/

C_SoL3070d ago


Anyways the thing that I like in Forza over GT is the customization and the way the camera reacts during gameplay. It feels a lot more immersive when driving with the camera facing rear of the car.

Overall I still think GT takes the upper hand because of its Quality and Quantity.

shocky163070d ago

And WOW that was amazing, the graphics are superb and the track is really fun.

Definitive day one purchase here I come!

Turn 10 Studios3070d ago

Checkout Teh Damage

Yes i know i think it's just cosmatic

Boody-Bandit3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

because I can't find it on XBL. I live in NA EST.
Martket place under demos, right?

Okay I found it.
It's under spotlight, Forza 3, all download.
Downloading it now and heating up some java.

Saaking3070d ago

My XBL subscription just ended. I'll have to wait a week.

HolyOrangeCows3070d ago

....when it's available to silver members.

ShadowCK3070d ago

Just played it and it's amazing.

insomnium3069d ago

Man that crash looks silly on that clip. Reallifelike physics? Not by a long shot.

prowiew3069d ago

Good. Trying before buying. Will see if this demo convince me

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AngryHippo3070d ago

....2% done, only another 98% to go =0S

IDetonation3070d ago

Bu bu but its flopza...

PlayStation X3070d ago

wiped the dust
downloading now...

Ron_Burgundy3070d ago

54.2% done, oh wait it RRoDed :P

morganfell3070d ago

Bubbles for the first laugh of the morning Ron!

Boody-Bandit3070d ago

not ending up on my keyboard.

3069d ago
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AngryHippo3070d ago

....,downloading it right now. I have a feeling its going to take a while. =0(fingers crossed its finished before I have to go to work. Can't wait

Perjoss3070d ago

does anyone know if its out for the UK store today also? or just US. thanks.

The Great Melon3070d ago

I would download this, but I don't have my xbox with me. =(
The better the graphics get in these racing games, the more I want to play them.

steve30x3070d ago

Its not available for download for me in Ireland. Went to and tried to download but realised its for gold members only. i dont have gold membership because my Xbox 360 isnt online most of the time so it is a waste of my money to get gold.

steve30x3069d ago

WTF is up with you Xbox 360 fanboys? You disagree with me because 95% of the time I dont have my Xbox360 online so you disagree with me. Are you all on drugs or something. Get off your high horses for f**k sake. Do some of you guys disagree with anything said about the console just for the sake of it?

PS3n3603069d ago

I wish live was free but not too sure it's a "waste of money". I sure don't love spending $50 a year on it. You got me thinking now dammit! That's a bag of weed.