Stop and look at PSP Go's ridiculous Converter 'Cable'

Joystiq writes: "As we discovered at E3 earlier this year, the PSP Go isn't compatible with your current PSP accessories, including the rarely-used PSP camera. With Invizimals coming to the PSP next year, we wondered if PSP Go owners would miss out on the fun. The good news: Sony's figured out a solution. The bad news? It looks like the picture you see above."

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saint_john_paul_ii3161d ago


Seriously, was it so F**king hard to integrate a GPS and camera into the system?

heroicjanitor3161d ago

I'm probably the only one who doesn't hate the look(although the psp go is much nicer without it, it doesn't look that bad with it), but the weight it adds would defeat the purpose of removing the damn umd drive.

Cwalat3161d ago

heroicjanitor -

Agree. Since i guess we are the only ones who realize a GPS is mostly used in cars. The thing is for putting in cars so that the PSP doesn't fall off.

...or atleast that's what it looks like.

Blaze9293161d ago

Yeah seriously, they should have just had the camera and GPS built right into the Go.

And HELLOOOOOOO, SCEA. Ya know, some of us have YET to get those two damn accessories here in America...still waiting...

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timmyrulz3161d ago

Just like the psp go itself, ridiculous and unnecessary, cha ching sony

CaptainMarvelQ83161d ago

damn you have to complain about everything? looks nice imo not awful

Feral Gamer3161d ago

I'm glad I bought a 3000 model!

D4RkNIKON3161d ago

I have a 2000 that uses CFW so it is made of win. I use my ipod touch for most of my multi media and web browsing needs on the go. The PSP is for gaming. I will only buy a Go if Dark_AleX can work his magic on it, I just can't live without classic emulators.

Feral Gamer3161d ago

the 3000 has a better screen than the 2000. I recommend the 3000 instead of the Go.

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