Quantum Theory TGS 2009 Off-screen Gameplay

Firing a shotgun at a fool's head feels oddly satisfying. Quantum Theory off-screen footage was recorded at the Tokyo Game Show 2009.

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Turn 10 Studios3162d ago

i was interested in this game

but after seeing this ...not so much

Cyrax_873162d ago

I have the 1st trailer on a cd that came with a mag and it looks way better then this.

Also remember the first few vids of Demon's Souls? The game looked absolutely terrible, now look how it turned out though.

Cwalat3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Turn [email protected]

Your judgement is based on:

-1:30 seconds OFFscreen/cam gameplay with quality so low it's probably neighbour of satan
-played by a japaneese dude who obviously hasn't played that many shooters before, he emptied two clips without even touching the enemy
-this is the same demo as the one released several months ago, an old build

I'm sure your mind will change when in the upcoming months when they start showing new gameplay of the other levels.

thereapersson3162d ago

Just look at this guy's posting history. He's either a) a gimmick, or b) a huge MS fanboy. Either way, this first comment is a complete waste of N4G bandwidth.

wUTTer3162d ago

I Hope that this demo is really really old. I want this game to be awesome, but they need to work on alot of things, especially the AI.

Saaking3162d ago

Looks like Gears with better graphics and a Japanese influence. The guy playing seems like he has no clue what he's doing though. Hopefully they'll release the demo on Jap. PSN. soon.

C_SoL3162d ago

That sh!t was awful.

What the hell was the AI doing?

HQLocated1113162d ago

WTF IS TECMO DOING WITH THIS GAME!? I was looking forward to seeing more footage of this game and all they show is the AI acting stupid! Whats the point of taking cover if they dont shoot! I hope they fix this quick. The game is coming out early next year!

StanLee3162d ago

O_o . . . Ah . . . that was pretty wack.

callahan093162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

The graphics are really good, I like the concept of the game as it's described, but what the hell is up with that A.I.? It's not even trying. Those aliens don't seem to be any more threatening to your survival than the ducks in Duck Hunt. I hope they get the A.I. sorted out because the game looks like it has a lot of potential other than that.

thewhoopimen3162d ago

animations look kind of last gen.... ala gears of war 2

TheZippo3162d ago

In order for this game to try and compete with Gears of War it needed campaign co-op which apparently it isn't going to have. As far as gameplay in the video goes. The person playing it was awful and it's still a long way off so don't be so harsh.

ThanatosDMC3162d ago

Lame. A Gears2 rip off. That was just horrible.

SupaPlaya3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

I must admit I'm not impressed with the graphics either. I was thinking they had time to polish the graphics since the original video.

The texture on the main character is horrible in the video. I hope it is due to video being bad quality. If it's not that I suggest Tecmo consult GG or ND.

Chubear3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Initially the vids for the game months back had me just push this to the side but with what they're showing now (and knowing this is a year away from launch) they've got me sitting up for it.

Before I totally would not even bother with this but now, I'd likely rent it to check it out... who knows what they'll show at the next GDC or E3 show that could even further push me to look at it as a buy instead of a rent.


*just watched the vid*

Wow, I had seen gameplay trailer on Gamestrailer that had impressed me a bit but this vid shows actual gameplay and wow, that just looks like rubbish... I wonder though, had this been 360 exclusive, would the 360 base have embraced this regardless? after seeing the support a game like Section 8 has gotten from the 360 base, I'm inclined to say, erm, yes they would have.

ThanatosDMC3162d ago

Also, we're gonna get spoiled by Uncharted 2's graphics and awesomeness.

Btw, did you know that the U2 beta is still working??? I was playing the Co-op Arena and damn i hate those minigun wielding bastards. How do you kill 'em???

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jack_burt0n3162d ago

back to the drawing board me thinks.

mastiffchild3162d ago

Why? Cos the dude playing is clueless and the quality of the vid awful? If you could tell anything meaning ful from that without being a medium I'd be amazed!

The gameplay in the last two trailers show far more what the game has to offer and here you saw nothing of the pace, visual quality or the co-op style moves in the game which will be it's best features.

The only thing I do think about the video is that the enviroments will be ok and they seem to be really going fo an Art Nouveau feel which could be cool.

Yes, it could well be sh1t but ffs, don't judge it from this crap!

jtucker783162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

While I agree to some extent with what you've said.
Obviously you can't see the level of AA, the resolution or texture quality there are other things that you can tell from the video.

The main one for me is: Enemies reactions to being shot ... i.e. they don't react at all.
Maybe I've been spoilt by animation system on KZ2, Uncharted etc but the way the enemies reacted to being shot could have come straight out of a Wii title (or Resident Evil 5)

Watch around the 1.20 mark. The enemy that thinks its in cover but isn't "actually" in cover. He gets shot twice, with NO reaction at all. On the third shot he skips from a crouched position straight to standing in order for the canned death animation to play out.
Poor poor poor!

The AI is equally woeful. Although the demo could be set to "super noob - enemies want to die" difficulty so I'll give the AI a pass until we see more of the game.
The animations on the other hand aren't good.

Hopefully the game is still quite early on and they are going to sort enemy animations out, but then again I hoped Capcom would upgrade the animations from RE4 for the next gen RE5 and they didn't bother.

We'll see. At this moment in time colour me unimpressed.

Chubear3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Cause the 360 base does not want to have anything on the PS3 similar to gears that could been seen as a plus to the PS3 library and seemingly make geow exclusive on the 360 looks unimportant.

This game will likely get the KZ1 treatment as that game was looked at as a competitor to the almighty halo last gen and NA 360fans didn't like that one bit. Only, this time, it looks like it just might deserve it. Don't know why Tecmo ventured into this but hey, if halo can blow up crazy then what the heck, go for it and try your luck too.

SolidAhmed3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

maybe the guy suck too much so made the game look not that interesting???

and why it feels slow i saw it faster before ???

wUTTer3162d ago

It did seem really slow, like the enemies were running in slow motion. Hopefully this demo is old and they worked on speeding it up and gave the enemies better AI.

xg-ei8ht3162d ago

Rofl, the person couldn't aim, didn't know what they were doing.

And don't even get me started on the poor video.

It's one to look out for.

Long way to go yet.

Nothing graphically or gameplay wise is anywhere near uncharted 2. and won't be for some time.

Miss Goblin3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Has anyone seen a new direct feed? I am not sure about the game play but the gothic artwork has my interest.

downwardspiral3162d ago

i still don't know what to think about this game.

SuperStrokey11233162d ago

Agreed, im hoping the guy who was playing was essentially the worst player ever or else that game is really really slow and not looking so hot at this point... definately a wait and see type game.

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