IGN: TGS 09: Alan Wake on the Run

Microsoft and development studio Remedy trotted out a new section of Alan Wake for this year's Tokyo Game Show. Only shown behind closed doors, the new area is in the midst of production and had a few technical hiccups that are still being worked out. Regardless, it got the job done in keeping everyone excited for this action thriller, on tap for Spring of 2010. The scene shown today gave IGN a look at what happens in Alan Wake when you don't have a flashlight handy. The short answer is this: you run.

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Turn 10 Studios3195d ago

Can't Wait

Alan will finally wake up

TheLog3195d ago

Give the game already!!!

TheZippo3195d ago

No don't rush it, let them actually FINISH this game. I'm so tired of rushed titles. It's been this long might as well wait a little more... hopefully not to much more though.

El Botto3195d ago

Oh really? Lets look at the bot community, shall we?

Xbots in 2007: "but, but, but...we will have Alan wake and the graphics are so good that it will trump Killzone"

Xbots in 2008: "Alan wake is the BEST LOOKING GAME EVA and looks miles better than Killzone. Alan wake is only possible on the 360!!!"

Xbots in 2009 pre E3: "but, but, just wait and see. Alan wake iz the bast lookien gaime eva!!"

Xbots in 2009 after E3: "wtf it looks like Luigi's mansion"
Die hard xbots: "but, but, but...Alan waitz looks real good"

Die hard xbots in September 2009 on Alan wake: "..."

And thats the xbots. The average gamer never had any interest in Alan shiats wake. And the only reason some of them heard about this game, is because xbots keep mentioning it.

36T3195d ago

"The average gamer never had any interest in Alan shiats wake"

LOL.. all this coming from El Botto! I would LOVE to live your life. You do realize that you PS3 fanboys did the same thing with Killzone 2 and are now doing it with GT5 right? Why don't you provide us with the amount of gamers playing Killzone 2 online right now to prove how good the game is?

btw.. tell your mom that i don't except food stamps as payment for my used games. A bj would be better. Have a good afternoon El buttfvcker tha Turd!