VGR: Are Horror Games Becoming Less Scary?

Alex Beech from VGR writes "In many ways the first "game worlds" would have been terrifying places, with no end to the oncoming alien ships, asteroids or ghosts and death being your only release. Games back then though were, of course, about the game mechanic; simply playing. Yet still the designers felt the need to infuse some familiar symbolism to their tiny sprites to help people understand the world presented to them. I guess these games were scary in the same way books are, leaving so much up to the readers/players imagination that what is experienced varies wildly from person to person."

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downwardspiral3189d ago

The last horror game i thought was creepy as hell was silent hill 2 imo.

kraze073189d ago

Last horror game I played that actually scared me a little was Fatal Frame. Still haven't played the sequels yet.

acheashadow3189d ago

I was actually pretty jumpy after playing FEAR

Panzerkanzler3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Well, Dead Space did a good job of scaring me at least. I was unnerved on all my dog walks at the evenings for a month after playing that game! I do scare easily. I Guess I'm lucky in that way, because I always get the maximum scare for the bucks when playing action/horror games =)

AntoineDcoolette3189d ago

"I am not suggesting that Pacman was the source of any nightmares"

Dude, when I was two years old I had a nightmare that I went into my basement (it was a 2 story apartment and there was a shared basement) and the pac man ghosts were down there and chased me to my front door and it was locked and I was pounding on it and pounding on it then they ate me alive :*(

I played Code Veronica when I was 14, that was scary, Silent Hill 2 when I was 18 scared the living **** out of me! Silent Hill 3 when I was 19 and it was slightly less scary than SH2 (desensitized!) and Dead Space just last year, I'd say Dead Space was oen of the scariest games through the first run through but yeah you get desensitized to it though there were a few jumps I didn't memorize that caught me on the third play through still