Publishers pledging support for Project Natal at Tokyo Game Show

During TGS today, an announcement of which Publishers are currently supporting Project Natal was released. On the list were the companies that account for more than 70 percent of third-party software sales for this generation of console and most of the world's most recognized video game franchises.

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ThorneTK3168d ago

So are these publishers already working on titles or just stating their intention to.

The Great Melon3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

That's what I would like to know too. If Xbox has games like Resident Evil 5 that will be patched this could be interesting, but if it is for future games that will not get much focus I will be disappointed. Xbox has the ability to do a lot with Natal, but they just have to realize that they will need to run with the idea. Going only half way will make natal look utterly like a gimmick.

BYE3168d ago

They were just fantasizing...nothing deifinite, just like E3.

Ju3168d ago

I bet, MS makes them to say so. Well, they put everything on that card. Obviously they (MS) need to make sure the studios support it.

But, it has been done before and did not do that well. You know what is new ? Mind interfaces (saw that guy writing the other day - but not sure if that'll ever be feasible) or real 3D gaming. Those are two things which would change gaming as we know it (and the later is closer then we might think).

rockleex3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Once they find out how inaccurate and unresponsive it is. Especially if they want to create hardcore experiences that require accuracy and skills.

The only ones left still supporting it will be the companies that want to cater to the casuals with games that don't require precise timing, responsive controls, etc.

Just in case you guys forgot how inaccurate Natal is.

And that is only ONE of the MANY occurrences during their whole E3 Natal demonstration.

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madkrazygames3168d ago

Unfortunately I highly doubt natal is going to make games that appeal to hardcore gamers. Sony and Microsoft are trying to get some of the casual market from the Wii. People should not be fool by these tactics.

beardpapa3168d ago

I agree. It's difficult at this point to see how a controller-less design will work with the current genre of games we have. The only thing that seems to appeal to the controller-less design is the Wii-like games, and even so, the Wiimote has buttons. The developers can say all they want, but we also have to think for a moment if it means they'll be developing Natal games that are akin to the stuff we have now on 360 & PS3. It would be terrible to hear that they're jumping onto the Natal bandwagon only to see Wii-like shovelware being developed instead. They can great games that can attract the moms and dads out there, like how WiiFit and WiiSport Resort did, but Nintendo has that tied down already.

Jamaicangmr3168d ago

I hope for your sake it is because damn clearly not much else going happen on your end of the spectrum lol!

free3sixty3168d ago

hum?? rifght now the pos3 is on 3rd place this gen.. and slim is at 200k sales just after 3 weeks, lol.

need nweek will be on paar with 360 sales.. so the ps3rd will stay 3rd!

cyborg69713167d ago

You are the biggest d!pshit on this site. And why would any dev support this sh!t? Unless there is some incentive which I see none of. Ms is reaching and desperate.

EpsilonTeam3168d ago

NATAL is gaining a lot of momentum lately which is something i find bit suspicious now that TGS is few days away. But its our choice in the end right? If it is any good we'll buy it.

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