Kojima:" Natal will start a Revolution "

TMC- Metal Gear Solid creator and mastermind Hideo Kojima gave high praise to Project Natal at TGS. Read what HK had to say about upcoming new technology.

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DAVID BRENT3249d ago

i didnt say i agree with him because personally ill always prefer a joypad than havin to get physical with my games (i go gym for that) i use gaming to relax not for a workout,but i respect kojima and his opinions

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

whilst i respect HK alot, to say this is pretty stupid, the natal doesn't offer anything all that great, its similar to the eye toy whilst mixed in with that retro nintendo era, not to mention that this thing is a accessory, unlike the wii's controller it doesn't come standard and will only add a large price to a console that is already losing pricewise to competitors.

The way i see it is this is just a temporary diversion to the serious failure rate of the 360.

doeman3249d ago

i wonder how much they paid him =D

Sarcasm3249d ago

Wow, this is the first time where I would disagree with Kojima. Go ahead, call me a PS3 fanboy.

sakura20093249d ago

i agree with sarcasm. natal is a sony pseye ripoff. i think hideo kojima was just being nice to microsoft after final fantasy xiii bundle announcment.

ThanatosDMC3249d ago

Let's wait till we see something solid from Natal.

mxdan3249d ago

Honestly whats the big deal?

We all win as gamers in the end. Everyone needs to stop being so faithful to one system.

I did not murder him3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

3D full body motion and gesture tech is copying Eyetoy pet crap lol.

If you can't handle him saying this because it's on the 360 go to the open zone so "360 fans" can enjoy this.

"I wonder how much they paid him"

You're not joking?

Sarcasm3249d ago

"Everyone needs to stop being so faithful to one system. "

What does this have to do with any systems? There's a reason why Eyetoy never hit the massive success. Natal is like a 2nd generation version, now all of a sudden it's brainwashed million of 360 gamers into think it's the next step of gaming?

Then again, if any person can make Natal look good I guess it would be Kojima.

But that doesn't mean I still don't agree with his "views" on it.

I did not murder him3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

If Natal was just some cheap Eye thingy rip-off wouldn't they be wetting the panties like little school girls over Eyetoy-pet thingy and not Natal?

Who cares what you think about, rip-off and all the other anti Natal talking points. The topic is about how he and most others in the industry and general public wants to support Natal, go cry about it in the open zone.

Just admit it and say:

*I hate Natal because it will negate Sony's progress*

*Natal Sucks because it will make the Xbox Brand Recognition so strong it will be hard for Sony this gen and the Next*

*Screw Natal because it could shift the Wii fanbase towards the 360*

Yes I know full body 48 joint tracking with backwards compatibility of just tracking two or three points like Sticks or motion wands is scary.

Don't let the RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone, custom processor, proprietary software scare you.

iceice1233249d ago

Their king praising something to do with another console. They feel betrayed, confused and angry. They will begin to turn on Kojima soon enough.

I think it's great he's into it, it's clearly going to be the dominant motion control tech. Everything about it screams future of gaming. Who better to take the helm than Kojima, right guys?

Doctor_Doom3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Natal uses a new technology

"3DV Systems' image sensing technology is based on the Time-Of-Flight (TOF) principle, which generates distance (depth) information for each pixel or object captured by a camera. Depth data is determined by emitting pulses of infra-red light to all objects in the scene and sensing the reflected light from the surface of each object.

Objects are subsequently arranged in layers based on the distance information acquired by the camera's D pixels, which provides real-time depth information as standard black and white video. Color data is generated using a standard color imaging sensor."

Eyetoy and Natal almost share the same idea but not the same technology.

3249d ago
hay3249d ago

Don't be so uptight bastards. Think about what Kojima have made for gaming.
He exceeds other devs in story, storytelling and amount of details put in the game. Titles that cannot be grasped just with one playthrough.

Imagine what he could do with Natal, especially when this tech is something he was longing to see.

And you call yourself fans? Bit*hing right now cause he likes what he sees in the opposite team? Seriously, less fanboyism, more open mind.

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

The main reason is because we won't swallow the crap microsoft is handing out unlike bots, yeah it "might" be great for gaming but i'm willing to bet it turns out mediocre, all this hype is not needed for something that has the potential to flop.

Just don't set yourself up for disappointment, not everything turns out the way it was intended.

ATM i'm going to take the cautious route and not the route MS wants me to take which is the "Natal is going to usher in a new era of gaming"(ie; Kojima) or "Day 1 buy!" kinda crap when there still isn't enough info to determine if this can be as good as MS make it out to be.

Megaton3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I dunno, it's weird reading Kojima quotes that are identical to Microsoft PR sheets. It's like how he looked a little off and scripted at their E3 event too, with the same canned "surprise" entrance and one-liners (finally, we come to the 360!) as that bastard Wada the year before. Could just be like how some 3rd party developers all of a sudden "spontaneously" feel like making a video on how much they love BluRay when they're making a PS3 game, or start claiming they've "finally tapped into 100% of the PS3's power!" (lolGhostbusters).

If he really actually believes this, I completely disagree with him. Natal is not an Eye Toy, or a PS Eye, but it's certainly a sibling. It's not this revolutionary skynet device Microsoft, Molyneux and certain people here claim it to be.

Personally, I don't like the way the industry is going right now. If the future is all about motion cameras and waggling, you can count me out.

heroicjanitor3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

But, as he said, I'd be one of those people unable to accept controlling a car with a pretend steering wheel. There would just be no feedback I mean just picture it... He wants to make milo? Is that all developers think of when they see it, get creative at least come on.

Edit: Good comment xiphos, but do you really think he sold out? I never played metal gear solid(except rented number 4 for a night but didnt beat it before it was returned) but he seems highly respected so it wouldn't be in his character to sell out would it? I think it's just his opinion.

mxdan3249d ago

"What does this have to do with any systems? There's a reason why Eyetoy never hit the massive success. Natal is like a 2nd generation version, now all of a sudden it's brainwashed million of 360 gamers into think it's the next step of gaming?

Then again, if any person can make Natal look good I guess it would be Kojima.

But that doesn't mean I still don't agree with his "views" on it. "


Uhhh, I was unaware you played it?

Truth is, You've passed judgement on this technology before you've even tried it... IE your faithful to one system...

Personally I'm excited Microsoft is trying something innovative for once. Hopefully it will get the competition to make something better. In the end WE ALL WIN.

heroicjanitor3249d ago

Every fanboy has passed judgement on it. 360 fanboys are saying oh yah the best ting evuuuuurrrr and ps3 fanboys are saying eyetoy ripzzzooorr. I won't judge it until I've seen it but all I know so far is we've seen a faked demo and basically know nothing about it besides it is a camera which puts you on the screen.

Megaton3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

It's not like they haven't put live footage out there. What have they shown to make you believe it's the revolutionary leap in tech that Microsoft claims it is? Was it the guy slopping paint on a canvas? The girl flailing her limbs around in some cracked out version of dodgeball? Maybe it was Burnout Paradise, with a whole 2 pedal settings (off, and max speed).

AKNAA3249d ago

Hmmm... I find it rather strange that HK is praising Natal NOW, yet he was silent about the whole thing during the MS E3 press conference.. even though he was there in person ON stage??!?!

Its either MS knows that he has a lot of followers in Japan therefore paying Kojima to say those things to catch their interest easier, or he saw a new game for Natal that impressed him a lot!??

ShadowCK3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I agree with Kojima. He's very wise.

@ Turn 10 Studios - PS3 Fanboys don't believe in Project Natal because it's not owned by Sony or on the PlayStation 3. All fanboys in general suck.

redgaurd3249d ago

I actually hope natal lives up to the hype. I just got a 360 on saturday (I won it, I didn't buy it) with Gears 1&2. So far its ...ok. Im not trying to hate but if this natal thing is like...crazy, I can see myself giving my 360 a lot of love in the future. As of now, the future is looking slightly, just slightly, brighter for Sony's sexy black BEAST, as far as exclusives go.

Anon19743249d ago

Truer words have not been spoken. When I saw that video of the guy playing Burnout with a pretend steering wheel, stepping on pretend break pedals I thought "If that's the future of gaming, I might as well take up golf right now."

I've never seen anything so ridiculous, and I can't imagine how any hardcore gamer would want to come home after a hard day's work just to stand in front of the screen and jump around his living room to play Gears, or Halo. Ask Nintendo how many gamers and not kids picked up Wii Music to pretend that their Wii-mote was a Sax.

I'm curious to see how Natal and Sony's Motion controls will be implemented, but so far all it's made me do is fear for the future of gaming.

commodore643249d ago

WOW some MASSIVE praise there from Hideo Kojima!

The PS3's top developer openly praising the 360's NATAL.
I guess that's saying something, huh?

bu bu eyetoy?

4Sh0w3249d ago

Kojima has been uplifted to legendary status on this site when connected to anything involving sony (mostly because of MGS franchise) but I've noticed that lately anything he does or says positive related to microsoft, is question some have even stoop so low to even imply a guy that was once thought of as honorable for not going against his word with MGS4 staying exclusive on ps3 to now questioning if microsoft paid him to say this. Wow. Fanboyism knows no limit.

Its called imagination, saying that the early demos of what's been shown so far as being what all games will be like is pointless, Natal is forward thinking, with some imagination like Kojima's there just my be a place for some great gaming experiences.

@darkride66, do you really FEAR for the FUTURE OF GAMING?, oh come on that's a pretty damm dramatic view, if the Natal games will all suck like most sony fans think, then it will fail, right?, so what's to worry about?

Raz3249d ago

Someone should probably tell him that Milo was faked, before he gets too excited.

v1c1ous3249d ago

why ps3 fanboys are considered the worst, take a look at this topic :o

rockleex3249d ago

Yea, Natal works. But how accurate is it? You also notice the delay in response.

Just in case you guys forgot...

BAM! There it is, Kojima.

IaMs123249d ago

I agree i say lets wait to see something from Natal too. Weve barely seen anything and its a year out from release. He might have gotten more of the pie then what we saw at E3 who knows. We cant say anything will fail unless we actually know whats going on with it lol

Anon19743249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Absolutely I fear for the future of gaming. The Wii opened up Pandora’s box and now the fact that everyone seems ready to follow suit scares the hell outta me. The last thing I want to see is a Gears of War game where I have to leap around my living room and duck behind furniture, but that’s the path we’re heading down. Hopefully motion control will be used primarily to hook in the casuals, but my worry is that the hardcore will be left behind. You’d think a company like Microsoft, who’s entire gaming division has been built on catering to the hardcore gamer, would know better but I’m afraid their lust for Nintendo like profits could lead them astray. We’ll have to see, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

It's not just Microsoft I'm concerned about. It's both Sony and Microsoft going down the motion control road. Motion controls need to work with existing controllers, not replace them. Like Kojima said, gamers may not be ready to accept controlling an imaginary steering wheel. I know I'm not. That looks lame as hell.

PROFIT3249d ago

lol, natal will fail just like every other console addon has in the past. History has a way of repeating itself. Look at the current takeover by playstation

Hutch23553249d ago

All I am hearing is oohhh its the best thing ever, oh no it is going to kill gaming. I think it will fill a nich market and might make for some killer games. You aren't going to change the mind of certain gamers so it on't completely take over.

@darkride... I think you might have missed where microsoft said that it isn't going to replace the controller, it is going to be used with the controller for many games. So you won't be diving behind furniture if you don't want to. For many games I am sure it will be used for facial recognition and for voice commands. They have said that the controller is an important part of gaming so they won't replace it. Why do people act like their will be no more controllers. The possibilities are incredible for this thing. I can;t wait for it. So please lets just try and keep it civil until it comes out. But this is N4G so I am sure it is going to continue to be a ps3 vs xbox. That just shows how old the people on here really are.

Consoldtobots3249d ago

talk is cheap, even if it comes from Kojima. I agree with Thanatos, lets wait till we see natal become INSTRUMENTAL in developing a killer app.
Until then it's all marketing and wishful thinking.

Anon19743249d ago

I'm critical of motion control in general. I've read Greenburg say that Motion control wouldn't replace existing controllers, I'm just saying it's a slippery slope, and I can't see the gaming communities that got the Xbox and Playstation to where they are now accepting motion control with open arms. As someone else mentioned, traditionally game add-ons don't fair so well. What I don't get is the excitement regarding Natal in particular. Sony fans seem rather nonplussed by motion control, but people have been acting like Natal is the second coming and I simply don't understand why. Mind you, I'm an old gamer. My views might be somewhat tainted by what my generation expected from our games.

Smokzdaizm3249d ago

No you would buy it or beleive it was good if Sony said go get a second job to buy it on the PS3, then you would know it would be great because Sony told you it would be great and you needed a second job to purchase one Right!!! How about going to a Sony forum and talk about how everything Sony does is the greatest ever and how they should be the only videogame console company but they tell you they should be. I'm so glad fanboys don't run the industry and that I have a choice of where I spend my money and not be commanded to get a second job to support my hobby

SiLeNt KNighT3249d ago

shouldnt MS fix their hardware problems of the actual console first? with all the money that was spent on Natal development it could have gone to actually making a reliable system. I would be much more inclined to get another 360 if it were reliable, not a 'new' motion control rip off

Hutch23553249d ago

because its not just games, what they showed off as far as menu control, control over the netflix, kinda like minority report has people excited as well. Its not just for games, as Microsoft has been touting it for windows and businesses. Not sure how that will work, but its just not a gameing add on. I think Microsoft has plans for this far beyond just playing a game. People imagine walking into a room, saying "on" and having this divice pick up your facial recognition, turn on your tv, then you say play a movie, or something like that. Its the first time we are seing something that we have seen in science fiction movies for years. Don't get me wrong, the fanbooys will love it or hate it no matter what it ends up being, but real gamers and just tech geeks are excited over the possibilities.

rockleex3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I got 4 disagrees for showing how inaccurate Natal is?

One of the best examples why Natal wouldn't work well for hardcore games is that racing demonstration they did with Burnout.

You can only gas it all the way, or brake all the way.

Why? Because Natal is not accurate enough to detect how far you are pushing the pedal. It requires large movements to be detected. Even when it detects subtle movements, the movements are exaggerated through Natal because Natal can not accurately track it.

All these inconsistencies within Natal will cause a lot of problems for games that require accuracy, consistency, and precise timing.

Ju3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I don't get the 360 crowd. I thought the 360 (or xbox in general) was always a hard core machine. I mean, more blood, more violence, nothing sells but shooters but now, this the main reason you guys got a xbox doesn't count no more, because M$ programs your brain to admire a camera control system - which totally sucks with shooters and targets the casual crowd. Kojima might like it, but AFAIS what he has in mind is not another MGS version with a camera control system. He wants to do something completely new, different. Good luck, if you want to keep your gaming habits (you are so proud of) when M$ will force you to play with your hands (or body) next year. Must be why Wii sales decline, right now, huh ?

DevastationEve3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Ju, that's not true. Xbox 360 has a huge library of games covering all genres. Sure it has a ton of shooters, that's just in response to the demands of the market. But that doesn't mean that 360 is just for hardcore gamers. Microsoft has specifically targeted gamers of all tastes with not just games but features. Xbox Live actually tailors to all gamers. You can forget all the features you don't use and still be left the ones that you need. If you want to experience it all it's there.

They're adding social networking apps to the dashboard in the next update. As if it was really needed, seeing as how Xbox Live was already adept at being a solid gaming community. I don't need to get into it, it's already been well established.

They've included support for Netflix and Media Center for home entertainment buffs. Your Xbox Live account is also merged with your Zune Tag, linking all your content licenses in the process.

Xbox Live Arcade was introduced to make it easier for casual gamers to get into Xbox 360 and not have to deal with the more time consuming games out there. And the games are actually getting to be much more than just boardgames and puzzle games. They've also proven to be moderately graphical.

They've done significantly well with Xbox Live in just the last 4 years of Xbox 360's existence. To say that Xbox 360 has a hardcore image isn't actually true. I can agree that nobody confuses it with a Wii or PS3 for that matter. I think PS3 has the hardest of hardcore images in all honesty, from price to brute-force marketing.

It'd be stupid of Sony to try to top the Wii at this point. Only Microsoft has made that attempt and they're doing it well. Sony's at the bottom of the pack by taking Microsoft's bait and not going after Nintendo. When you go after a company like Microsoft who's trying to cover both markets and you're only covering one market you'll lose sight of the other.

Nintendo must be grateful to Microsoft for that ;)

KionicWarlord2223249d ago

holy whole wheat bread batman!
hideo kojima likes natal !

off topic

Forza 3 demo is great .

edgeofblade3249d ago

The French Revolution turned in on itself and started cutting off the heads of it's leaders.

I can imagine HK's neck feels a little sore right now from the chopping the PS3 faithful are giving him.

rockleex3249d ago

But I'm definitely not chopping Kojima's head off.

Heck, no one chopped his head off for MGS2: Substance on the Xbox, and MGS: Rising coming to the 360.

What I'm saying is, do not expect a hardcore experience from Kojima's Natal game... if he even ends up doing it.

Yea, I expect it to break boundaries, as Kojima always does. But not in the same sense as ZOE or MGS.

It will not be catered to the hardcore audience. I have nothing against that, which is why I support games like Flower.

But I gotta ask, are YOU guys interested in non-hardcore experiences?

TheTwelve3249d ago

Sad but true: if Kojima every truly was pro-Sony, those days are long over. Money talks, folks, money talks. Even Kojima had a price, apparently.


thesummerofgeorge3249d ago

I disagree with HK, I don't even want a Natal, until full on virtual reality comes out I want a controller of sorts. And this does not make me a fanboy, nor does liking the PS3 better... Just like I prefer a Porsche to a Mustang, people are allowed to have personal preference, so quit abusing the word fanboy, ya bunch of fanboys..... whoops, that one slipped out.

darthv723249d ago

we start getting the blog reports saying that is NOT what he actually said?

As with any story there is always a counter story. Thus the routine here on n4g.

prowiew3249d ago

I hope the future of gaming isnt natal or something similar

Bloodwar3249d ago

There is more to the Natal than the PS3 version motion control. Firstly, it can be used when not in the game. The eyetoy works only with certain games. The PS3 wand, also in my guess can only be used in game, whereas the Natal like the Nintendo Wiimote can be used in the menues outside the game. The Natal allows us to gesture our hands side to side to move our blades to see other portions of Xbox Live. Do I want to watch a Netflix movie? Sure just point here with my finger and it starts. No need for the controller. Does the Natal recognize me by voice and face? Yes to both. PS3 doe that? Not to my knowledge. Can I shop for clothing and drop and drag the clothing line over to my avatar and decide which to buy and can I share my shopping experience with other Live players? Yes. Remember the video and convince me otherwise that the Natal is just like the eyetoy. You will fail.

jessupj3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

"if some of you were wondering why ps3 fanboys are considered the worst, take a look at this topic :o"

Actually if you take a good look at everything above you, you will find 360 fanboys are much worse. I've only seen posts calmly stating they disagree with Hideo and giving their reasons for. And I mostly agree with the sony heads. Natal does not appeal to me (even if it was on the PS3.) It might appeal to casuals and be successful that way, but it's not for me and definitely is not going to change my gaming habits and I doubt it's going to change hardcore 360 players habits. I respect Hideo very much as a developer and he would know more then me on the potential of natal, but to say it will start a revolution? I calmly disagree.

Yet you claim PS3 fanboys are frothing at the mouths yelling profenaties because our great leader supports natal. I haven't seen anything like that in this story yet. I think what's closer to the truth is you are in fact frothing at the mouth making yourself think the only reason we could possibly disagree with hideo is because natal is a microsoft product.

And you think PS3 fanboys are the worst.... How bout you take a look in the mirror.

jib3248d ago

all i know is i want my HEAD TRACKING technology for my cokcpit view in Forza 3

only thing i really want natal for ..and maybe a party game or 2.

kunit22c3248d ago

I never thought Kojima could be payed off but now with the 360 getting some Metal Gear action and now him saying this, I guess he can.

calis3248d ago

"The PS3's top developer openly praising the 360's NATAL.
I guess that's saying something, huh? "

Just like Bungie heading straight for Uncharted 2 to play it, right?

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3249d ago
chidori6663249d ago

kojima-san please stfu...

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

that made me lol

but you're right, for once i think he should just keep his mouth shut to prevent looking like an idiot when this has below expected sales and low interest in general.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3249d ago

Kojima -
"Natal will start a Revolution, everyone will DUMP the xBox 360 and Buy a PS3" ;-D

Er Kojima where are the MGS4 Trophies??? Can we have that before you TURN ChatBox GREEN??? ;-D

El Botto3249d ago

It will be limited to shovelware crap like Ricochet and arcade racers.

And thats why Sony will trump it. The gaming industry will move towards more Natal and motion controller but its still lightyears away. And by the time you can play COD in a VR setting, Playstation will lead the way once again.

Kill Crow3249d ago

one of the BIGGEST names in YOUR business recognizes NATAL's potential over wii and poostation dildo attachment ... when you going to wake up ....

callahan093249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I'm just going to come out and say it: Why is he talking up Natal and ignoring the PlayStation UI? He wants to use facial recognition, voice recognition, and motion controls? Doesn't he realize that the PlayStation UI can do all of that? I get it why people are excited about the prospects of Natal's capabilities, but I'm totally baffled why people are ignoring the fact that the PS UI has those same capabilities. So you're holding a controller? Big deal, it's also more accurate and less laggy. I haven't seen a single video of the PlayStation UI being used where the software and detection bugs out, and yet literally EVERY time I've seen Natal, it bugs out and we see a mangled avatar. Also, minor interactions like flipping through menus and various other broad gestures can be done hands-free, it's not like the EyeToy never happened and the PSEye isn't capable of that sort of thing as well. Add the rudimentary hands-free capabilities to the more accurate 3D motion recognition capabilities and you have an extremely versatile user interface.

DonCorneo3249d ago

dance dance REVOLUTION

that's all natal is.. casual sh!t

JasonPC360PS3Wii3249d ago

Whats wrong droids... worried? PS3 dildo run out of batteries and vibration don't work?

BX813248d ago

@Kill Crow, You know what's funny is when Activision was playing Uncharted 2 all the droids were like 'hell yeah activision knows a good game when they see it'. Now that Kojima much like everyone else who wants to see gaming grow supports project Natal they're all hating on him. Project Natal will out shine the PS3 wand and the PS3 is going to be leading in the 3D gaming field for consoles. All the little kids are upset about this article. I find it amusing.

CliffyB3248d ago

You still have your Ps3 motion dildo wand to have fun with! Use your imagination! PS3 it only does everything!

Noctis Aftermath3248d ago

i couldn't care less what Activision play, i have no respect for that company so why would i care about there opinion?

Just cause its kojima doesn't mean everything he says is correct, of course i got respect for him, but to think just cause i'm a ps3 fan i HAVE to agree with what he says? especially when i think he's talkin' out his ass.

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ReservoirDog3163249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I just don't see it. The Wii could've started a revolution but it was used as a gimmick for the casual to flock to. Now, I still think that the Wii might have the power to introduce games to people who would've never tried a game and thereby boosting the industry, but that remains to be seen.

Of course, Natal and the Sony wand could pick up where the Wii left off (read: it found a comfortable spot and basically stopped trying) and boost the industry further.

But that's all up in the air at this point. MS and Sony could give up like Nintendo did and we all lose. That's worst case scenario though.

off topic
haha, I got my first ignore. I wonder which comment it was that got me ignored?

artgamer3249d ago

Just give me Z.O.E 3 and keep your MS paid opinion to yourself my friend.