Splinter Cell: Conviction TGS Trailer & Release Date

Finally Ubisoft announces 'Splinter Cell: Conviction' release date after months and months and months of uncertainty.Better yet Ubisoft also included a trailer at Tokyo Game Show too.

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Pandemic3132d ago

Duplicate Story..

And why is it in the Playstation 3 category..? It's only available on Xbox 360 and PC. Also, the gaming sections is for retro.... :l

Who ever approved should die.. :P

villevalorox3132d ago

is this cam? Does not look as good as all the other vids I have seen..

leeger3132d ago

why is this on the PS3 section????????

Shendow3132d ago

Because it might be another 360 title that is time base, 2010 is the year of most of the 360's RPGs coming back but done better and with add ons that 360 users don't get. So it won't be a shock if they do the same with this game.

But in the long run, 360/PC users will get to play it before it even hits PS3 (Just hope it doesn't or even comes out with it looking better and with add ons)

boss_killa3132d ago

not looking too good.

think i'll pass.

belal3132d ago

bad or is it just me?

i liked the look of the previous version better, the ones that where scarpped, you know when sam had a beard and all.

Shendow3131d ago

Wow two people didn't like I said =^-^= true or random guesses hurt I guess.