American Gamers Only Care about Graphics Grunt

"European developers have really jumped on board with this, and it hasn't really happened in America because a lot of gamers there are only concerned about whether a game 'pushes the limit' in terms of processing and graphics. Which is sad because I feel a great game is a great game and doesn't necessarily need to be flashy."

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DAVID BRENT3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

year by year its pushing graphics, from MGS4 to kz2 and now the graphically mind blowing uncharted 2, then next year gow 3, gran turismo and then heavy rain.....cant argue with facts

Kakkoii3222d ago

Uhh.. the PS3 isn't pushing graphics in the industry. For a console sure, but not the gaming industry as a whole.

Cwalat3222d ago

[email protected]

How can you say that when games like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GT5 clearly proves you wrong?

Even PC included in the industry, PS3 has shown to be a beast interms of graphical development. PC is just technically more advanced since it's upgradable with newer tech. I'm sick of the whole Crysis bull**, ofcourse it will look more realistic with more technical stuff crammed into the hardware but that comes with a high cost. For a console, it's pretty damn revolutionary to be jumping leaps interms of graphical development every year considering the hardware has the same tech it had since launch.

I would like to see a single PC game with an artstyle close to Uncharted 2's. Yeah, it's pretty damn hard to find one isn't it?

leeger3222d ago

Bad gameplay + bad graphics = EPIC FAIL
Bad gameplay + great graphics = FAIL
Great Gameplay + bad graphics = GOOD
Great gameplay + Great graphics = Uncharted 2

ABizzel13222d ago

That's not true there are still a lot of us who know and still remember it's the gameplay that makes the game.

Sarcasm3222d ago

Cant we all just agree that having both is the most optimal gaming experience we can get?

Why does it always have to be just one or the other?

If it's all gameplay only, then we should all say F it and keep playing Atari 2600 games.

Graphics can add to the immersion and complete the presentation.

Weren't any of you guys EVER annoyed by frame rate drops? That's part of graphics isn't it?

Don't you guys enjoy LOCKED 30fps or 60fps games more because it's more responsive, thus giving you a better gaming experience?

So cut the crap with the "Gameplay > Graphics" argument. Both are wanted.

Uncharted 2 is factual proof that you can have both graphics AND gameplay.


Guitarded3222d ago

ODST says hello! Gameplay over graphics! It's not Americans that prefer graphics over gameplay, it's PS3 only owners. Especially on this site!

UnwanteDreamz3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I agree

If graphics don't matter then why spend money on a new console. If graphics didn't matter we would all still be playing the PS2. Hell if graphics didn't matter what was the point of buying an original xbox? These people are funny running around proclaiming themselves true gamers because they focus on gameplay. Gimme a break.

As a true gamer I want both. I spent my hard earned money on my console and I expect devs to use it to it's full capabilities if they want me to spend $60 on their game.

I let graphics go if the game is a good value like BF1943.

@ above
It could be that graphics just don't matter to Halo fankids. Like you have a choice lol. I expect more for my money and that makes me foolish? You know secretly you wish that Halo could give you a visual upgrade but you are too loyal to the brand to be honest about it.

If KZ3 released looking exactly like KZ2 I would have a problem with it. I love how gamers are expected to settle for less because some people don't mind.

Kakkoii3221d ago

@Cwalat: Because console games use a ton of loopholes to make it look like they have amazing graphics. Such as very low Anti-Aliasing, if any. Only 1080p resolution and not even always that. Very low draw distance. And I watched the trailer for Uncharted 2. They only put good textures on the stuff they think you'll pay attention too, but I paid attention to everything, and lots of stuff was very basic geometry with horrible low resolution textures, such as the freight train he was riding on. Because the consoles have such a low amount of RAM they have to do this.

These games could have been much better looking if they were made for the PC. There's a lot more horsepower and software available.

And you think Gran Tourismo 5 is pushing graphics? Lol? It's just a very good texture job with OK polygon count cars for once. There's nothing graphically amazing about it except that it looks better than the previous versions. It just amazes people that the cars and scenery can look so realistic in a game. But I know for a fact it doesn't take much processing power to run GT5.

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kraze073222d ago

Bad generalization. I'm an American and I do like good graphics, but it's not the only thing many of us care about. If this were the case I would never play any of my older games. I still play games from the NES days every now and then.

Feral Gamer3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I love awesome graphics, however I also enjoy DSi and PSP for the gameplay. Graphics aren't everything but they help immerse you in the experience if they're more life-like.

Tomonobu Itagaki3222d ago

Wrong statement. If American gamers cared so much about graphics, they would never buy Halo games.

Gun_Senshi3222d ago

Advertising, from TV Spot every 5 min to Burger King Campain.

LukaX233222d ago

Bubbles for you that was hilarious.

Sarcasm3222d ago

And buy 15 million Wii's

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