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dreamcast3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Wow, deju vu. Did they use the exact same assets for the city?

The armor looks better in this one IMO, and the turrets on vehicles will be fun.

IronFistChinMi3167d ago

But they said it'll have more of a broken down look.

DelbertGrady3167d ago

It looks like it's using exactly the same engine as the first one.

Crackdown is one of my favourite games on the 360 and I was/am looking forward to this. The screens look disappointing though. I'm really doubtful that Ruffian can do anything else than a rehash. More Crackdown is always nice but I'm hoping for more.

And was that zombies in the first pic? :(

Blaze9293167d ago

Look awesome cant wait. That 4p co-op will be amazing.

TrevorPhillips3167d ago

OMG you know how much I'm hyped up for this game like drinking 2 cans of Mother that's how much I'm hyped up. :)

Halo3 MLG Pro3167d ago

I can't wait to hear more info about the multiplayer. Last I heard there will be 8 player vs.

2010 is going to be one busy ass year.

The Great Melon3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

This one of those games that makes me glad I own a Xbox 360. Loved the first one, collecting all those orbs was so addicting. I hope they make more level ups where you can jump ever so highly and run ever so quickly. That was what drove me in that game.


Someone is really hitting the disagree like crazy here. Calm down.

xabmol3167d ago

...I want a 360. That and XBLA.

TenSteps3167d ago

except the Stunts but jumping up and down as high as I could after collecting all the Agility orbs was fun.

DelbertGrady3167d ago

XBLA is great. The last months I've almost spent more time with XBLA titles than with retail games. Or probably not (Batman, Dirt 2, FEAR 2, Wolfenstein etc) but more than I ever did before.

Played Ion Assault yesterday and it felt like another must-have game. And it looks beautiful as well :)

The Great Melon3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

@10 Steps Back

Yeah the movement was great. I was kind of sad when I couldn't get any faster or jump any higher. I maxed that out early in the game. Hopefully they'll draw the upgrades out so there are maybe 8 level ups instead of 4.


If you want an xbox, I would say get one now. They can't go any lower right now. With that rebate incentive and price drop it is definitely affordable.

xabmol3167d ago

$200-$250 is still to much for me. (saving for a DS)

I probably wont get a 360 till next gen starts and can get one real cheap.

The Great Melon3167d ago

I only rediscovered the DS recently. You have to dig through the loads shovelware that comes out on it, but once you have sifted through that mess you find a large number of good games. I would like to upgrade my old DS to the Lite (I want to keep the GBA slot), but I'm too cheap.

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hulk_bash19873167d ago

w/ Multiplayer and co-op, sign me up. Looks to have been build on the same engine as the 1st game. No complaints here though, the 1st game looked great.

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