Full PS3 Motion Controller Details; List of Games

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"We just got another look at the upcoming Motion Controller for the PS3 at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference. A release date and few details were announced. Now, thanks to an official press release we have the full Motion Controller details, along with a list of games which are being readied along side the new controller."

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Chuck Angus3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

It's a nice list of games but I was hoping for more original titles. I have played Pain, Echochrome, and HVB. I really want a game like the E3 demo where we saw the motion control used like a bow and arrow and all that good stuff. But I am definitely curious to see how these games listed turn out.

jack_burt0n3247d ago

ok holding a dual shock with one hand is not a good idea :( and what is the huge recessed button in the middle?

Dir_en_grey3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Holding the dual shock in one hand, and even just using the D pad is kinda bad.

If they made it so you can hold the controller side ways and the L1L2 buttons are facing your palm, and your left thumb on the R3 analog stick, it actually feels pretty ok.
They would need to disable all the buttons except for the R3 analog, and do the directions accordingly of course.

I can't figure out any other way to hold it comfortably with one had though. =/

jack_burt0n3247d ago

yeah i tried that not happening really, your right the dpad works just about dont know about for prelonged periods tho.

The Great Melon3247d ago

I'm really interested in the solution to this problem. The Dualshock works great when it rests in the fingers with two hands, but in one hand there is a torque and it always wants to fall out without the other hand supporting it. If the dualshock and wand setup is how they are going to do a game like RE5, I expect some third parties are going to make some kind of addon where people can grip the controller better.

SolidAhmed3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

But where are the 3rd parties games??

is it different to work on it from Wii games????

i do not think so

enviable273247d ago

How cool would this be if this tech worked with FNR4!

Blaze9293247d ago

So its really going to look like that huh? Ah well. Anyway cant wait to see what 3rd party devs have lined up. Hopefully not just wii ports which I think will be very likely unfortunately.

Face Palm3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I think it looks fine. It can be hot pink and sparkly as long as it doesn't cramp my hands like the damn Wii remote.

One time I surfed the internet using the Wii's browser for about an hour and when I was done, I literally could not let go of the controller! I had to use my other hand to pull the remote out of my grasp. It like temporarily paralyzed the nerves in my hand. Now I'm scared to hold on to the Wii remote for long periods of time.

mastiffchild3247d ago

No this isn't going to work-AT ALL. They're going to need either another wannd with an analogue or something akin to the Nunty 'chuck or it's DOA, imo.

The rason I say this is that if we experienced gamers here find this uncomy and unweildy how will kids and soccer moms and the other broader expanses of the casual market Sony clearly are chading here cope?

I got my 11 and 7 year old buys to give this a go holding a Wiimote and the DS3 in each hand and they couldn't play a game like that if you taped the DS in place and their lives depended on it-their hands were just too little and wrists too weak to make it a decent possibility. I promise you none will be buying into this as a finished product and if there's to be another accessory(and I think they're trying to acoid the cost of making and selling one if I'm honest)aren't they leaving it bloody late to show a prototype of that?

I was really quite impressed by the promised accuracy of the wands at E3 but if they go with using a DS in tandem it's going to look half assed and just won't work or convince new gamers to have a go-it's just too unweildy and Sony need to sort this out or end up wasting ALL the money they spent on R&D for this project. Looked VERY poor, imo. Quite frankly I cannot believe that Sony would show something so amatuer looking-it looks like something a guy cobbled together after work in a shed and that's all down to the one handed DS3 fiasco.

I love my PS3 and the way Sony support their devs but this is just looking really poor-lets just pray they have some better way of bringing an analogie stick to their MC [party as this isn't going to fly as it is and that could really spell trouble for Sony over something that should be so easy to fix-a palm held analogue stick is no kind of tech to fall down on is it? Maybe I'm being daft but as I said my kids just wouldn't be able to play games like that and with Sony not mentioning another controller I'm convinced they think, foolishly, that this is the answer when it just wrecks all the possibilities of the roject for many people from what I've seen.

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ReviewsArePolitics3247d ago

They were supposed to integrate this with the dualshock in a way where you split the dualshock into two wands, not complicate things and use this at the same time as the dual shock.


GamerPS3603247d ago

It will sell but not to hardcore gamer but casual perhaps old and woman.

That thing is useless for me.

SuperM3247d ago

do you even know anything about these games. sony is usually not the one to announce a bunch of games at the same time, now they actually did. i think its way to early to make any conclusions

ftwrthtx3247d ago

I'm going to have to toss my PS2 Eyetoy and grab a new PSEye

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