Sony Japan Offering Different Prices For Digital And UMD Versions Of Gran Turismo PSP

G4TV writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced that Gran Turismo PSP will cost 4,400 yen for the digital version and 5,400 yen for the UMD. This information was revealed at Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2009 press conference. It will be interesting to see if other territories follow suit and offer cheaper prices for digital downloads. Considering that packaging, shipping, retail, and other costs are removed from the equation, a discount seems reasonable. However, I can easily see publishers saying that digital downloads offer instant entertainment and the price should be the same since you don't have to trek to a store or wait for a game to arrive to you by mail."

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Sarcasm3161d ago

Hopefully they carr this over to the US/EU. They would make a lot more sales from digital downloads

skyblue142133158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

I would rather pay a little bit more and go to an actual retail store or on some online store and buy the physical hard copy than a digital version of the game or any game for that fact. I would probably play a game that I have beaten many years after it is discontinued digitally or by commercial retail. Because lets say you feel like playing a game that you have beaten that you downloaded many years after it is discontinued digitally or by commercial retail and lets say you deleted it after you beat it the first time or your hard drive that was carrying the game crashed during that said time? guess what? oh well you cant play it anymore because of the things that I have just mentioned in a previous statement. The only way that you could possibly play it again after it has been deleted is by either by finding some way like downloading the game iso off of some torrent site or something like that, or paying for it again by buying it off of somebody that has it still on some form of memory like a memory stick or psp go hard drive, also there is collectible value in a physical hard copy versus a digital copy, not to mention having an actual instruction manual and game art etc... is much more preferable than having a digital copy of a game, also if you know how how to do it you can make a digital copy of a game off of a physical hard copy of a game. And I dont think digital distribution will stop piracy, someone will eventually figure something out that will enable many digital copies to be produced from one digital copy, for example: cartridge based systems main benefit was that it was very hard to pirate a game because it was just too expensive to buy cartridges to put the pirated game on but someone figured out how to transfer the rom(the rom is the actual game program) that was on the official game cartridge to a computer hard drive(by means of special hardware) and all that was needed at that point was some type of software to emulate the game/rom on the computer, I think the same will eventually happen concerning digital downloads it is just a matter of time. I dont see nothing wrong with playing an old game for free that is discontinued commercially by companies that make them as well as the system that it was played on being discontinued commercially also, but I do have a problem with a game being pirated that is still officially available commercially by the company that made it or the game console that "said" game is for still officially available commercially by the company that made it. I have been playing games for at least 19-20 years and me or my family have spent many thousands of dollars on video games and video game consoles beyond 20 years, and If and I mean IF it ever happens that game companies do away with the physical hard copy format for games I will more than likely(a 99.9% probability)stop buying game consoles that only support digital games and the digital video games for the digital only video game consoles, AND THAT IS A FACT THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!!!.