Splinter Cell: Conviction New Level Demonstration

Gamespot:Producer Alexander Parizeau talks about some the cool new features in Splinter Cell: Conviction and shows new level.

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N4PS3G3222d ago

There's and HD version @ the site. Check it out! looks awesome!

I did not murder him3222d ago

LOL I was just going comment on how I wished there was a better quality video in my first post. Thanks.

KionicWarlord2223222d ago


This reallly sucks .


dreamcast3222d ago

He shoots the people for you?

KionicWarlord2223222d ago

that`s the mark and execute move .

If you want to take the enemies out quick .

dreamcast3222d ago

Is there a limit, or can you do it to everyone?

I like how Sam was beating people up at the beginning.

3222d ago
beardpapa3222d ago

Can't wait for this. That gameplay screams awesome. Especially the hand-to-hand combat sequence w/ the guy's hand stuck with the knife in the end. Love the Tom Clancy games except for Hawx. Wish they'll make another Ghost Recon.

@above, guess you never played a splinter cell game before

I did not murder him3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Mark and Execute doesn't have to be used you can do everything manually.

"Is there a limit, or can you do it to everyone?"

I've only seen it explained as having to be behind some cover or another room to use M&E, so no you can't use Mark and Execute in the middle of a battle in the same room by stopping time?(example: different guns can only mark a set number of baddies and they/you start out lower than the limit for that weapon)

Mark and Execute is also slightly RPG based, what you can do with moves and with what weapons is based on earning experience.

So in a way it's like a JRPG when you earn different canned animation moves, except you have control in Splinter cell

dreamcast3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Ooooh, an RPG aspect would be nice.

I really don't want to use it much, though... I hope they didn't design the game around it. Looking towards the end of the clip, I don't think it'd be wise to try to take out all those guys without using it. I don't want to be at a huge disadvantage because I like shooting people old school. I like how cinematic it is, so I think I'll live if I have to use it.

Why does everyone have so many disagrees??

I did not murder him3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I thought I would post this for 360 fans to see before the PS3 fanboys have it falsely blocked.

WTF is up with this wave of disagree? Sony's Conference left you with nothing to boast about now you're attacking what people are actually talking about at TGS?



Teh Irony, You only have 800 points and I have not been on this site in ages before a couple a days ago, you made that dup account to troll. Now I'm Omega? just continue to hit disagree and look for excuses to bash the game, please...


Making new accounts to disagree? lol
Nice try tigerstyle/DAVID BRENT?/Saaking/The band1t/flipmode/ theCanadianguy

Dam *DAVID BRENT* made the *tigerstyle* accound fast even bubbling that account up in no time with all your accounts in five minutes even though you just had 6 back now back down to 5 now in 14 minutes.

Cwalat3222d ago

Graphics, above average...

Gameplay, way above average...

Stealth mecanichs, way way above average...

STICKY CAM, way way way way way above average...

This game looks awesome, and although i don't have a 360 i'm definetilly happy that PC is also getting this. =)

3222d ago
ReservoirDog3163222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Looks great. Always been a Splinter Cell fan. This, ME2 and Alan Wake are my most anticipated 360 games.

@ dreamcast

I think it's pretty obvious why everyone has disagrees. And it's pitiful.

edit: yay, I got disagrees too!

beardpapa3222d ago

Dang look at those disagrees just cuz that guy never played a splinter game. SDF on the roll.

SevWolf3222d ago

To be honest when I first saw this game at E3 it seemed OK, then I saw the dev diary of PAX and the passion of the creative director got me REALLY interested, rewatched the E3 demo and fell in love...and now it's EASILY one of my most anticipated games of 2010, it's up there with GOW and Alan Wake :D

Blaze9293222d ago

freakin awesome I cannot WAIT for this title. Already got it pre-ordered for release date delivery

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Xi3222d ago

And to think even I had thought the 360 was being put to it's max but gears 2, then along comes forza 3, splintercell and alan wake. There's still a ton of room for growth this generation.

Unicron3222d ago

Amazing eh? I'm QUITE fine with this gen lasting well into 2012.

no_more_trolling3222d ago

waiting patiently

ill be debubbling trolls :)


Halo3 MLG Pro3222d ago

The stealth master is back!!!! 2010 baby! :)

TheEqualizer3222d ago

looks like Ubisoft is seriously making this game shine.

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