Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker TGS09 Trailer

Deal with the ghosts of the past to build a new future.
Also Features New Theme Song "Heavens Divide" by Akihiro Honda

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morganfell3216d ago

WTH? That looks like the Big Shell at the end.

Unicron3216d ago

It always LOOKS like something else.

And pity they don't mention Zero or the Patriots. I NEED him to be a character in this!

skwidd3216d ago

.. because I dont own a PSP, this looks better than MGS4 IMO. I hate handhelds but this beauty might get me to pick up a PSP. The game looks tons of fun! Why didnt they do this on PS3? Why oh why?!

rockleex3216d ago

You can tell he's no longer constrained by the need to end a series with answers to EVERYTHING... even unnecessary ones.

When you limit a man's vision, it just won't be as great. That's how I felt MGS4 was like.

Although MGS4 was still an awesome game and has some of the best memorable scenes in video games ever, you could tell some parts of the story were forced.

MGS Peacewalker feels naturally awesome. No force needed.

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xabmol3216d ago

Damn!! I want to play this! Hurry up DA! I need my 5.51/6.0 m33! >.<

morganfell3216d ago

I ran it this evening and that is one mindblowing PSP title. I ramped it up with the cable and though it on the 52 inch XBR. Looks gorgeous.

xabmol3216d ago

THIS LOOKS SO FRIKIN EEEPPPIIICCC!!! (I just finished watchin it)

And they say games are still "Light years away from movies." Pfft... Yeah! Light years AHEAD!! GOD I CAN'T WAIT!!

How can that little PSP hold so much WIN?!

xabmol3216d ago

*Reformats PSP so I can update to 6.0*

Damn it... :/

Dragun6193216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

One of the Most Epic if not The Best PSP trailer ever.

Loved the music (the Piano) that played through out the video especially the new theme song which sorta gives me that Snake Eater vibe. And I'm must say I'm really interested in this game, maybe even more so than MGR, Its like I can't Say no to Big Boss.

Dir_en_grey3216d ago

Hell yeah that was epic.
It looks so awesome I don't even care that this is not on next gen console anymore.
Hopefully by being on the PSP, this game can escape the fanboy wars and be played by more people.

darkvenom3216d ago

pre-order this EPIC psp game.

The Great Melon3216d ago

I love how I only started playing metal gear solid games last year in the summer. Since then I am in love with this series. Anything with a stamp of Kojima studio will get my support. I have yet to play a mediocre game from his studio.

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The story is too old to be commented.