IGN: TGS 2009: SCEJ Conference Live Blog

IGN: "With Kaz Hirai's Keynote speech behind us, we've moved on to the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Conference. We'll be live blogging the event starting at 9:30PM Pacific Standard Time or 12:30 AM Eastern Standard time in the United States."

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Briyen3168d ago

Motion control, do I really want to play it again already?

but glad they are at least supporting it!!

Syronicus3167d ago

I would be willing to try it but with the many games coming out around that time frame I doubt I will be there day one.

rockleex3167d ago

I hated the demo because it controlled like RE4.

Now that they're adding Motion Control support, I'll be sure to try it out! >:D

PROFIT3167d ago

re4 is miles better than re5.

sh1111111t, to be completely honest, id like re1-4 in hd.

bigrob1233168d ago

champions of time?? as in champions of norath?? please let it be!!!

Redempteur3167d ago

Mangas are coming to the comic format too ..

I hope it works ( but i won't buy it since i prefer having a book in my hands if i have to own something

SuperStrokey11233167d ago

Thats a really good presentation, i gotta say i was impressed. Hope MS has a good one too.