TGS 09: Quantum Theory Trailer

New Quantum Theory Trailer From TGS.

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DasBunker3166d ago

Gears is the only game id like to play from xbox and this is looking pretty [email protected]$$ too.. it might have a better story tough.. im sick of the alien vs humans crap

The Great Melon3166d ago

The story is the only thing I worry about in this game. From the videos it almost feels like you are dropped in this world that is hard to believe. Hopefully there will be more of a story in the game than just a guy appears and starts shoot everything he sees in a living tower that is trying to eat him. Other than that I always like the segments where they show the bridges flying around and reconnecting all over the place. Reminds me sort of the Harry Potter stairs.

DAVID BRENT3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

it looks like gears rip off to be honest with an added japanese twist , anyone know when this is out?

topdawg1223166d ago

I love Gears, this looks similar, but just a notch crazier. Story looks like crap, but gameplay looks promising.

SnuggleBandit3166d ago

looks needs to get the ICE team in there though

jwatt3166d ago

Gameplay looks cool but the graphics are a little lacking. I would complain that's it's the unreal engine on the ps3 but I'm currently playing Batman on the PS3 and it looks good. The lighting is basically non existent IMO.

pixelsword3166d ago

That was a low quality vid, so yeah, the graphics will be lacking when you watch that particular link.

-EvoAnubis-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago ) it's a revelation or something. I'm pretty sure Tecmo already knows that.

"Shibata, director of Tecmo's Team Tachyon, described Quantum Theory as Japan's answer to Gears of War."

That was kinda the point.

eagle213166d ago

Pleasantly surprised. Great work Tecmo.... :)

Jaces3166d ago

I can see it now.

"Not enough color."

Oh well, it looks pretty good from what the trialers shown. I like the melee combat bit too. Hopefully this'll turn into something pretty awesome.

FACTUAL evidence3166d ago

honestly, the whole anime look kind of killed it. Not saying this would be a bad game or anything, but this game will NEVER be close to gears. People will always see gears as the better, more popular IP.

Syronicus3166d ago

Why would anybody NOT want to play a Gears clone? Gears is a great game from a single player aspect and this one looks to be awesome as well. Get off the high horse you silly fanboys and just enjoy the game for what it is.

andron6663165d ago

Definitely keeping an eye on this...

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EastCoastSB3166d ago

Looks a little too much like Gears.


psiom3166d ago

Yeah. And nobody ever liked Gears. What did sell like three copies? I can't remember. Terrible game for this one to resemble.

MKV3166d ago

@ disagrees, gotta love n4g

arsenal553166d ago


i cant help laughing at this game..

topdawg1223166d ago

I think its looks pretty good.

ReviewsArePolitics3166d ago

With some elements of DMC, Ninja Gaiden and Lord of the rings

SoapShoes3166d ago

Gears looked too much like Killswitch, but that didn't stop it from being popular or a good game.