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If you ever wanted to take PlayStation Home on the go with you, you are about to be very happy. Sony revealed during their second Tokyo Game Show conference that the PSP will be getting a version of Home.

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Madusha2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Home has been one of the best things Sony has come up with. Very unique and brilliant. A PSP version should be equally perfect.

"This newer portable version will let you have blogs, photo albums, and some social networking features like chat, mini-games, and real-time communication."

Sounds cool :D

Feral Gamer2923d ago

Typing on the PSP is a pain in the @ss. I can't see having a conversation on it.

Maddens Raiders2923d ago

I lol'd. I'm sure they'll find a work around but yes it is a pain in the ass.

Redempteur2923d ago

Well the psp go is blutooth compatible so i'm sure talking will be allowed as long as it' done well

rockleex2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

A virtual keyboard like the PS3's.

Instead of the cellphone type of keyboard.

Feral Gamer2923d ago

LOL I get two disagrees. It is extremely slow to type on the PSP but people have to disagree because they're bastards. Pathetic. Face the facts, it is difficult and it's almost impossible to talk to someone on PSP with the current method of typing.

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Immortal Kaim2923d ago

It will be called ROOM (Spelt: R Infinite symbol M). Apparently they are more like Mii's, with a cartoony aesthetic.

The Great Melon2923d ago

I like what they are doing with this. They are able to grab the lighter audience with the psp and appeal to the more mature with the ps3.

Lou-Cipher2923d ago

Quit f-ing around and just bring trophies to the PSP already.

The Great Melon2923d ago

Agreed. That would be a great feature that shouldn't be to hard to implement.

ZombieAutopsy2923d ago

most likely will never happen because of hackers and such.

SoapShoes2923d ago

Not going to happen. You do know the PSP is a hacked system right? Hackers can just cheat and unlock every Trophy. Blame hackers for no trophies.

The Great Melon2923d ago

That is true, hackers would be some of the biggest trophy whores. Sony's next handheld will probably include trophies (along with a second analog stick).

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MoneyBagz292923d ago

More HOME.Now I can be bored on the GO!

Lou Ferrigno2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


EDIT: Disagree? you wont like it when im angry!

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