TGS 2009: Sony Conference Overview

Roundup of news from Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2009 conference

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TOO PAWNED3101d ago

So called keynote/pressconferences were let down, where are JRPGS Sony?

leeger3100d ago

i was also disappointed, thought they would at least announce 1 new game that I don't know about, and show games that are specifically for the motion controller.

nirtsbro3100d ago

seriously.. epic fail sony.......

i was expecting something more... turns out we got nothing.

Beast_Master3100d ago

I thought WKC II was a JRPG? Nailing down GT5 release was a big deal as well...But overall I agree, a little disappointing, it is hard to blow out 3 shows every year though.. E3, GC and TGS.

rockleex3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

They should be working on a new Suikoden! >_<

And where's Breath of Fire from Capcom?

Do Japanese developers really believe no one wants JRPGs anymore?!

Do they have to see the success of FFXIII before they want to jump on the JRPG bandwagon again?! COME ON!

mfwahwah3100d ago

"turns out we got nothing."

Nothing = Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, Eye Pet, The Last Guardian, motion control (for LBP, RE5, and a whole lot more games), why am I even bothering typing this. Some people are just plain ole ungrateful.

thesummerofgeorge3100d ago

He obviously meant we got "nothing" at this particular event... chill.

mfwahwah3100d ago

I know. I still think it's stupid to complain. He said it was an "epic fail" though. I'm proving him wrong.

Don't need to be greedy when we have TONS of games on the way.

So don't tell me to "chill," Costanza.

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villevalorox3100d ago

TGS is a 3 day event ye? So will sony be announcing stuff for all 3 days or are all the announcements over? ((is there 3 days or 1??))

sinncross3100d ago

I think you have a valid point.
Considering neither MS nor Nintendo were having any conference whatsoever, Sony probably used the keynote/ conference to detail the basics that were not software.

Showing that the motion controller could be sued in normal games was important, along with a variation for Home hitting the PSP. These sort of announcements wouldn't' work well as singular events during TGS, whereas new game unveils could.

So I think we'll see some stuff in following days. Cause as TOO PAWNED said, where are those JRPG's?

Feral Gamer3100d ago

It was a "meh" conference. Nothing noteworthy.

MainEv3nt 693100d ago

they could have at least announced the dam name of the motion controller

jhoang3100d ago

playstation motion controller =PMC

militant073100d ago

At least some of us still have sesnse of humor...

mfwahwah3100d ago

Yeah and you're not one of them.

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Isaahc3100d ago

it just started it's not over till the 27, I'm sure they'll announce more.

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